Routines to conserve the environment for children

Routines to conserve the environment for children

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Caring for our planet is essential if we want the human species to survive many more years. The climate change and pollution are something we can stop if we educate our children well.

On February 26, the World Environmental Education Day, date set for the preservation of the planet. In recent decades, its degradation, a consequence of the hand of man, has increased significantly.

Once the damage is done, it is not worthwhile to influence the guilt of the executing hand, if not to tackle the consequences that this has generated, being fundamental for this environmental education from the first stages.

We show you what the daily routines to teach children to take care of the environment.

It is necessary to generate a responsibility awareness to ensure the enjoyment of present and future generations. This environmental education is received and internalized by accompanying us in any area of ​​development. It allows generating tools with which to justify the protection and conservation of the environment, becoming protagonists of change.

The importance of Environmental Education as a dynamic activity allows the youngest to focus on environmental problems in their immediate surroundings, seeking the need to maintain dependence on it.

There are many factors that determine the planet conservation, but if we want to strengthen them from the early stages, environmental education must be focused on their daily routines, the objectives set must be easy and accessible.

That is why we must be guides of those who begin their learning in environmental matters.

I tell you what are the daily routines what children should do to preserve the environment:

- Make the most of the sunlight, so you will reduce the energy consumption

- Teaches to identify the recycling colors through the game, in this way each waste will go to its destination

- Imagine, create and design games with recycled material, you will take advantage of resources and reduce waste.

- Salt and walk through the field, you will discover the biggest game board.

- Investigate, analyze and find the clue to discover the species animals and vegetables in your environment.

- Save water, it is our source of life

And remember: You are the protagonist of the world in which you live, take care of it!

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