The wavering mouse. Funny poem for kids

The wavering mouse. Funny poem for kids

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If your kids only read prose stories ... it's time to change that! Through poems, children exercise their memory, learn vocabulary, improve oral expression and foster creativity.

In addition, the poems also tell stories that, although in verse, are just as funny. Stories like the one in this poem: The vacilón mouse, a funny poem for children that will make them have a great time reading.

There is a mouse in my house

who always teases me,

climbs the walls

and walks on the floor.

I have put a mousetrap

to hunt the mouse,

with a piece of cheese

sweet quince and ham.

But when I wake up

all the cheese has been eaten,

has not left a crumb

the bandit mouse.

I look behind the doors

inside the washing machine,

but the mouse hesitates

it is not seen now.

If I ask the cat for him

does not answer confused,

but if I ask the dog

he looks at me very funny.

As he walks at ease

and I can't hunt it down

I have shouted, hopelessly:

Here you can stay!

Now go out and come in happy

whenever he feels like it,

is one of the house,

Look at it, it's in the window!

To check that your child has understood this poem and paid attention to how much you read it, ask them these reading comprehension questions:

- Who is the protagonist of this poem?

- How did the narrator try to hunt the little animal?

- Did you catch him?

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