Dressing Up game for children to learn English quickly and easily

Dressing Up game for children to learn English quickly and easily

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Learning English vocabulary is especially difficult for many children.

Memorize words is difficult, especially for younger children.

Studying English must be something dynamic, fun and practical if we do not want the child to give up and take a habit of studying another language at the first change.

That's why we leave you this fun game to learn colors and clothes of clothes playing and laughing: Dressing Up game for children to learn English quickly and easily.

Many of my generation, that is, those who are slightly over forty, have pending the subject of English.

At that time, it was not a compulsory subject in school, and only a privileged few could study it as a extracurricular. The fact is that, even studying English all my life, it was never my strong suit, since the lack of use of that language made my pronunciation more than counterproductive to the ears of the poor. English speakers.

Now, things have changed, many schools are bilingual, and those that are not, take English as one of the main subjects. The problem is that to my daughters that English seems like a thing boring, and it really is when it comes to studying vocabulary memory.

They had to learn colors and clothes. So, I decided to invent a method so that they could learn it by playing because it is already known that through play children assimilate things better.

My technique is called: Dressing Up or the model show.

To play we must be two: mother and son, two brothers, two friends, (the dog is only valid if he speaks English) ...

To begin, we must have a costume box, or leave your usual clothes within reach.

On a piece of paper we write in English an outfit that they should wear, if possible, the most absurd and fun possible. For example: You have to wear green pants, with a red shirt, yellow shoes, a belt on the head, a purple tie at the waist, a blue glove on one ear and socks outside the pants.

The child must go into his room and, without anyone seeing him, put on everything that comes on paper. If you do not understand a word we can help you, the important thing is that you see written vocabulary to learn and understand it.

Then he has to come out dressed correctly with everything you have asked him to do a fashion show. Meanwhile, the other brother, or you, must act as a commentator to the public and go on describing what he is wearing in English, obviously with the words to be learned. For example: "Andrés is wearing beautiful green pants, with a red shirt ...".

The spectator, (if there is one) must applaud, and may ask questions About the outfit that the model is wearing, depending on the child's level of English, such as how much do the pants cost? Or do you have pink pants? Or what color is your tie?

When I'm done the roles are exchanged. You write another outfit for the other brother or for yourself, and it repeats all over again.

You can also use it to study parts of the body, or furniture in the house.

I assure you they will find it hilarious, I know they will learn the vocabulary Right away, you will realize that studying in English is not Chinese torture, and on top of that you will strengthen ties in something as complicated as studying.

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