How to make the Solar System with polystyrene balls. Crafts for kids

How to make the Solar System with polystyrene balls. Crafts for kids

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We teach you to do the Solar System with Styrofoam balls, in a very simple way and with a surprising finish. It is so simple that you will hardly have to help your child. Plus, it makes an excellent craft for a college assignment or science project. If you prefer, you can do it to decorate your child's room.

Write down everything you need to make this practical children's craft and follow our step by step.


  • Polystyrene base
  • 9 polystyrene balls
  • Acrylic paint
  • Skewer sticks
  • Brush, paintbrush, or sponge
  • Glue gun

1. Insert each skewer stick into each of the Styrofoam balls. They will be the sun and your planets. In addition, it will facilitate the task of painting each of the balls.

2. Start with whatever you want. Each planet will have a color. You can start by painting the sun yellow. You already know that it has to be the largest polystyrene ball. Paint without fear and when you finish, click your sun in the center of the polystyrene base so that it dries well. It's a trick that you can use later with the rest of the planets. This way the paint will not be damaged.

3. Also you can touch up your sun with orange spots... it will be much better! But make sure the yellow paint has dried.

4. To paint the Earth, first paint a Styrofoam ball blue. When the paint dries, you add some silhouettes of continents in green ... You can paint it with a small sponge or with a brush.

5. And the rest of the planets you can color them as you want... You are missing Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn (with their rings, which you can make with Eva rubber) ... Uranus and Neptune.

6. Now we lack the universe. Paint it with black paint and add blue glitter. When it is dry, click on all the planets around the sun in this order: Mercury, Venus. Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune ... And when you have them all, stick the sun with silicone on your polystyrene base. Clever! The universe in your hands!

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