Brothers and friends. A relationship like no other

Brothers and friends. A relationship like no other

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Brothers are those very heavy and annoying people who have been after us for as long as we can remember. They are those with whom we have fought the most, with whom we have even come to blows, who we have hated and said the worst things imaginable.

But also, the brothers are those friends that we never choseEven if you have never classified them as "friends", almost without knowing it, they are. It is a relationship like no other.

Despite my ... (I better not say it) many years, I continue to get angry with my brother as if we were 12. It drives me out of my boxes and unnerves me with the silliest things but beware ... nobody touches me brother! It is one of the basic commandments of fraternal relationships: you can kick your brother but beware that someone else does.

If you ask me who my best friend is, maybe I would never put my brother in the bag. But today, analyzing the relationship I have with him, I have realized that almost without knowing it, he has all the characteristics that best friends should have.

1. Allies against othersWhen someone tries to criticize a brother, you stick out your claws and defend him even though he may be right. But beware, nobody messes with a brother.

2. Private jokes: You have grown up in an environment, laughing at the same jokes and antics either by removing the remote from Grandpa when he fell asleep or barricading himself under the bed to avoid going to the shower.

3. Don't pretend: You don't have to pretend or be who you are not. With your brother or sister, you are more like the good and the bad, than with any friend or acquaintance.

4. Share experiences: You have experienced the same things, good and bad, you may even be confidants and cover up if one of you is going to be home late or another has gotten bad grades.

5. He is confident: knows things that you never dared to confess to your parents, both as children and today.

Brothers are those friends that we don't choose and that, except in those cases in which the relationship is impossible, they will be with us throughout life.

There are brothers who are inseparable, others do not have such a close relationship. However, you don't have to call each other every week, see each other every Saturday, or call each other when you've been fired. The brothers are there and will always be.

Life goes on, people come and go, but your brother is the same child for you.

Now I understand my mother when she asked us not to fight so much and she told us to take care of each other, because as we get older we would have each other. And today, that I have three children, I only wish that despite the fights, rivalries and jealousy, they never distance themselves and are always in addition to brothers, those best friends who, although they did not choose, are fortunate to have.

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