Very precocious children may have high abilities

Very precocious children may have high abilities

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Maturation is a process by which children grow and develop until they reach the peak. This process is not something rigid that must happen "because it touches", but depends on the child's own maturation rate, the education received or even the social environment in which he lives.

Due to this very different maturational rhythm in each child and the environment where they are, there may be a maturational delay, or on the contrary, there may be early maturation. These are the signs of very precocious children.

As we know, children develop according to a more or less established scheme, but there are some who go beyond these measures and scales. The characteristics that we can observe during the first 6 months of the baby and that can give us a clue about whether the child is precocious are the following:

- They are children who they usually sleep little.

- The first smile and social contact appear very early.

- They have a very intense look since they are born.

- Are high energy babies and that they are in continuous movement.

In general, they are active children, moved, very communicative and who demand a lot of stimulation within the environment that surrounds them.

From 7 months, other behaviors appear that attract attention:

- They start walking soon. Crawling is the natural preliminary phase that prepares the baby to stand up. Some children skip this phase without being forced. That this happens is one of the traits that characterize children with high capacities. It probably isn't, and parents will have to look at other skills precocious, but walking is the trait that comes first in gifted children.

- Well developed fine motor skills. At 9 months he already has a very advanced oculomanual capacity.

- The concept of permanence of the object appears before. Permanence is something that does not occur until 18 months or so. In these children it appears between 9 and 13 months when they are able to look for an object with their eyes if we hide it in front of them.

- Early command of language. A normal child at a year of life knows only a few words such as: dad, mom, water. When the child is maturely precocious, he begins to say words at 8 months and at 12 he already knows about 100. They skip the babbling phase. In addition, the little one knows how to differentiate between things in the same group. That is, for example, you do not use the word "flower" for all plants, but you can call them by name: rose, tulip, etc.

- Precocious children know how to relate facts to each other. For example, they know that putting on a coat means going outside for a walk. Something that occurs in children with normal maturation at 2 years of age.

The more characteristics and abilities mentioned above the child has, the greater the probability that it is a child with high abilities, but it does not mean that it is.

Parents must follow attentive to the child's development and give him the opportunity to exploit his potential and above all make him happy. For this, it is important that the child feels understood and that his needs are satisfied.

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