How to make a gratitude boat. Children's crafts

How to make a gratitude boat. Children's crafts

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Gratitude is a fundamental value that you can instill in your child from a very young age. How? By example, stories, poetry or games and crafts.

We propose this craft, which is very simple, with which you can encourage gratitude in your child and make him or her more grateful little by little. We explain how to make a gratitude or gratitude boat for children. Follow this step by step.


  • A glass or plastic jar
  • Tissue paper
  • Pair of scissors
  • Ballpoint
  • Marker pen
  • Paper

Although you can start teaching your children what gratitude is from the age of 3, This craft is more suitable for children from 5 years old. It's about creating a 'thank you' or gratitude boat. Follow these instructions:

1. To make a flower on the lid of the jar, you need very thin paper of different colors. Four will be enough. It has to be square in shape. You put them one on top of the other. The top two, if possible, yellow, to make the central part of the flower. Now you fold them like an accordion. In ziz zag.

2. Once you have folded all of them, you take out the yellow ones .... They will be the stamens of the flower! You cut that strip in half, because you only need one of the two pieces. And that chosen part you fold it in half and you make some small very fine cuts at the ends.

3. Now you open again your yellow leaves that you had folded in an accordion shape. You open all the others and place the yellow ones on top, right in the center. That they fit well. You fold it in half again and staples right in the center.

4. Very carefully, you are opening the flower. Now you just have to stick it on the lid.

5. Use a white sticker to put a big THANK YOU and stick it on the jar.


The next thing is to ask your child to think about all the nice things that have happened to him during the day. You have to write them down on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. Each week, he will take out the papers he put in the jar again and read them to remember all the good things that happened to him.

The goal: to teach children to recognize all the good that happens in their lives, everything they have gained, how privileged they are. And that by thanking them, they give more value.

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