Children's poems of a stanza. Very short poetry

Children's poems of a stanza. Very short poetry

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If your child cannot last long reading, we invite you to read this selection of children's poems of a stanza. It is very very short poetry to read in a minute.

It is about enjoying poetry without tiring children and thus introducing them to the wonderful world of poetry. These poems have only one stanza of eight lines, which makes them leaflets. Therefore, they will not only enjoy poetry but also learn by playing.

The ants and fireflies,

the bees and cicadas,

the flies and the bees,

as friends they accompany each other.

And a little snail,

admire the butterfly,

while the spider is happy,

weaves its rich fabric.

A wild duck

count a partridge,

that he is very happy

and feel happy.

The partridge listens

with great interest,

how are you friends

is happy too.

Stretched the rooster the crest

when he saw the dawn,

but there was nothing strange

to make the day different.

Quiquiriquí crowed the rooster

When he saw the sun rise

The hen laid an egg.

Blessed monotony!

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