How to promote the value of tolerance in children

How to promote the value of tolerance in children

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Respect the ideas, opinions and differences of another it is essential to guarantee a good relationship and coexistence of all. Avoid unnecessary conflicts and also benefit the good of all. Tolerance is respect. It is also understanding. A value that implies many others and that is vital and necessary in the development of children.

You can teach your child and educate him to be more tolerant from an early age. How? Use these educational tips and tools. We explain how to promote the value of tolerance in children and of course, in your child. From our site we promote the education of children in values ​​values: 12 months, 12 values. offers expert advice, stories, fables and games that you can use to make your child more tolerant of differences. Remember that differences make us unique and it is an added value in each one of us. When your child appreciates it, he will be much more open and respectful of the ideas and opinions of others. And you will be able to respect and be the same without underestimating other people.

Teach your child to be tolerant of others, regardless of race, opinions, age, sex or religion. Together we can contribute to improving the world in which we live.

The value of tolerance. We explain what exactly tolerance is and how to educate your child in values ​​so that he or she is more tolerant. To be tolerant is to be condescending and permissive with someone, it is not to prevent him from doing what he wants, it is to accept and admit difference or diversity.You can teach your child to be more tolerant of others.

How to teach children to be tolerant. The value of tolerance in the education of children. How children can learn to be tolerant. Our site offers some tips on how parents can instill tolerance in children.

The value of tolerance against bullying. A UNICEF campaign reminds us all of the importance of the value of tolerance against bullying. UNICEF Chile campaign against school harassment or bullying. The protagonist is an extraterrestrial child who everyone insults or ignores for being different. Why tolerance is so important against violence.

Chito and Chitón: poem about tolerance. Chito y Chitón is a children's poem about tolerance, ideal for talking about values ​​with children. Use this poetry to talk with your children about the importance of respecting differences.

A special chocolate: story about tolerance. A very special chocolate is a beautiful story where special emphasis is placed on equality among all human beings and on courage and courage to defend the common good. The author, Eva María Riber, was the winner of the AMEI Short Story Contest. Tell this story to your child.

Children are tolerant. Video experiment on the reaction of some children to another child with a disability. Tolerance is a fundamental value in the education of children. However, parents may have to learn from their children. For example, they can learn not to see disability as a difference.

Teach children to see differences as a good thing. How to teach children to be tolerant of themselves, to respect differences and to see differences as something positive. Boost children's self-esteem. Educate children in values ​​so that they grow up in a healthy way.

How to teach children not to discriminate. Racism and children. our site gives us some ideas on how to teach children not to discriminate and respect differences. Having a different skin color is a wealth for a society.

Children's stories about tolerance. Selection of children's stories that talk about diversity. The differences that exist between people, animals and things. They help children to respect diversity. Stories that speak of differences in size and appearance.

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