The echo of life. A moral tale for children

The echo of life. A moral tale for children

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Treat others as you would like to be treated, because everything you give will be returned to you. Others will treat us as we treat them. In the end, life is nothing more than the echo of our actions. This is how we act, this is how he will treat us, since all our actions have a consequence. This is the reflection that we can extract from this beautiful story, The echo of life. An ideal story to read to children and talk with them about values.

A boy was walking with his father in the mountains. The boy fell and hit himself. Then he yelled:

- Ayyyy!

Suddenly, he heard a distant voice repeat his cry:

- Ayyyy ... ayyyyy ... yyyyy

Somewhat scared, he asked:

- Who's there?

And again the voice answered:

- 'Who is there ... there ... there ?.

The boy, annoyed to see that they were repeating what he said, shouted:

- 'Coward'

Then the voice replied:

- 'Cowardeeee!'

The boy looked at his father with astonishment and asked him:

-Dad, what's wrong?

And his father answered smiling:

- It's nothing, look, I'm going to shout, see what happens:

- I admire you!

And then the voice replied:

- 'I admire you'

The boy's father said again:

- I love you!

And the voice this time said:

- 'I love you'

The father explained to his son:

- This is the echo. Repeat everything you say. But it really is life. Life gives you back everything you give it. If you treat others with kindness, you will receive kindness. If you insult them, you will receive insults. So now you know what you should do: if you want there to be happiness in you, worry about making others happy. If you want there to be love, offer love.

And both, father and son, continued walking up the mountain.

- What happened to the boy when he was walking in the mountains?

- Why did the boy speak everything was replicated in the mountains?

- What is the echo?

- What have you learned from this beautiful story?

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