The song of the nightingale. Children's story about happiness

The song of the nightingale. Children's story about happiness

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To be happy, do we have to shower children with toys and gifts? The reality is that happiness is in the little things and this valuable teaching is sometimes blurred with so many whims with which we fill our children.

On our site we want to go back to basics and teach children with this children's story about happiness: The song of the nightingale, that they must learn to value the little things and that happiness does not come from wealth.

He was lying on the sand when he heard the song of the nightingale in the distance.

Pedro got up looking around and he started walking in the direction the beautiful melody seemed to come from.

After a while he stopped to hug a tree with a wounded trunk, and the nightingale's song became more beautiful.

He started walking again and stopped again to caress the petals of a flower and, the song of the nightingale was heard then, with greater intensity and beauty.

He started walking again and stopped in a field of sunflowers. He remained como them looking at the sky. He felt the warm rays of the sun on his face, as gratefully listened to the beautiful song of the bird closer and closer.

He had only walked a few minutes and discovered some colored butterflies flying from flower to flower. He followed them stealthily so as not to scare them feeling very happy and, he heard the most beautiful song that he had ever imagined.

He got to the river and came over to drink and cool off. Transparent water ran down his fingers and suddenly he reflected the image of a beautiful nightingale on a tree branch. Pedro turned to look at him excitedly and the bird sang with so much feeling that the man thought that, that day, he had discovered all the beauty of the forest thanks to the beautiful song of the nightingale. He lay down on the grass and listened happily.

The little things are what make us the happiest.

Reading is not just learning to understand the meaning of the letters when they are put together, it is above all, understanding their meaning. So that our children learn to read understanding from the first stages of reading, we propose some activities related to this story. Ask him to answer these questions:

- What did Pedro hear when he was lying quietly?

- What happened to you when you were looking for that beautiful melody?

- Did you find where it came from?

- How did you feel at the end of the story?

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