A mother helps us save on family expenses

A mother helps us save on family expenses

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Saving on day-to-day expenses is one of the workhorses of families around the world. Only a lucky few can spend without looking at the checking account, the rest of us mortals try to scratch a few coins here and there to make ends meet. This has become more evident with the crisis that has hit us squarely.

How to save is not always easy or at least, sometimes we can't find a way, at GuiaInfantil we believe we have the solution for it. We have found a mom who is an expert in bargains, bargains and good products at good prices. Her name is Laura Salas and from now on, she will help and guide us so that our family finances breathe a little. How will do? You just have to follow her through her blog in our Shopping Guide.

You will wonder where Laura Salas comes from. Some time ago, we received an email from a mother who made us an interesting collaboration proposal to help the great family of followers of GuiaInfantil.

She was Laura Salas, a young mother of two, who for years worked in Marketing. When she was unemployed, she had to make real bobbin lace to reduce family expenses. But what began as a necessity, ended as a true passion and all her acquaintances turned to her to find offers and be able to save on a daily basis.

Laura suggested that we have a space within GuiaInfantil to help families save in these times of crisis. We met with her, we loved her proposal, her desire and her ability to dive and find items for babies and children with excellent value for money and ... we signed her!

From today, Laura Salas is part of the GuiaInfantil team. She herself tells us: 'I hope I can help you and find those bargains so that you can take care of your finances while you look out for the good of your family.' Laura, through her experience, will show us where to find.

We also have an excellent tool in our Shopping Guide: our price comparator with more than 1 million useful products for the family organized by categories. The GuiaInfantil comparator gives us the possibility to search by price or by brands, make your wish list, but above all, do not lose sight of ourBidhunter, there is only one and her name is Laura Salas.

Forget all the excuses we make for not saving: I don't have time to look, I don't know how to search, everything is very expensive ... If you want to start saving today ... follow the trail of Laura Salas, our saver mom! How?

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