Sayings with emoticons for children

Sayings with emoticons for children

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The best way to teach children, without a doubt, Is the game. And if there is something that the little ones like, it is the figures of the emoticons, some drawings capable of representing emotions and actions in a very simple way. Why not use them as a hieroglyph?

Emoticons can be used as great tools in learning of the kids. For example, their combination can lead to phrases and even ... sayings! Play with your children to find out what popular sayings are hidden under these emoticons.

Play with your children to find out what sayings are hidden behind these emoticons. Then take the opportunity to explain to your child what they mean. You will understand them much better and they will remember them more easily!

Check here if you got each of the sayings that is hidden in our emoticons right:

1. Not by much getting up early it dawns earlier
It means that there is no need to rush when doing things. Every action must be done in a timely manner. You have to be patient!

2. Do not look for the three feet to the cat
A cat with three legs is quite difficult to find, right? The saying refers to all those times when we try to find the impossible or when we think too much about things in an absurd way.

3. Honey is not made for the donkey's mouth
He goes on to say that sometimes it is better not to waste time explaining things to people who will not be able to understand them or who will not value it.

4. By the mouth dies the fish
It warns us that we must think things over before saying them, because otherwise we may regret it and 'screw up'.

5. On a gift horse, do not look at his teeth
It refers to the need to be grateful to the people who give us a gift. The important thing, in short, is the sentimental value.

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6. Although the monkey dresses in silk, the monkey stays
Or what is the same: never try to pretend what you are not.

7. Who does love you, will make you cry
Many times we do not understand when a person tells us something that hurts our feelings. The typical mom who scolds her children and does not let them do something they want, for example. But they do it for your sake, right? I know that's what the saying goes.

8. In much more a tooth has to be estimated than a diamond
Much more important than material goods and jewelry, is the health and interior of people.

9. Shrimp that falls asleep, it carries current
Never stop being active and maintaining the illusion for things and before changes, move. If not, you will be relegated.

10. Out of sight, out of mind
Sometimes ignorance and ignorance of a fact that can make you suffer is better.

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