Couples Children's Poem by Gloria Fuertes

Couples Children's Poem by Gloria Fuertes

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Gloria Fuertes She is one of the best known children's poets. His poems have been read by children from different countries of different generations and are even used as a school resource in schools.

And it is that Gloria Fuertes wrote poems that not only amuse children but also serve to learn about poetry from an early age. One of them is this children's poem titled Couples, a very original poetry that you should not stop reading with your children.

Gloria Fuertes was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Hans Christian Andersen International Children's Literature Prize and although more than 100 years have passed since her birth, her poems are still relevant and captivating thousands of children.

Each bee with its partner.
Each duck with its paw.

To each his own theme.
Each volume with its cover.

Each guy with his type.
Each whistle with his flute.

Each focus with its seal.
Each plate with its cup.

Each river with its estuary.
Each cat with his cat.

Each rain with its cloud.

Each cloud with its water.
Each boy with his girl.

Each pineapple with its pineapple.
Every night with its dawn.

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