Indian legend of how the white water lily was born

Indian legend of how the white water lily was born

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The american indians had beautiful legends that explained the reasons for thenature.

Everything that they did not understand was explained to young people and children throughprecious tales that were transmitted from generation to generation.

This is the legend of how thewhite water lilies. Do you want to meet her?

Legend has it that on the meadows of an Indian village ofNorth America, the stars looked with envy at the lives of those who were there.

They watched as the women wove precious fabrics and necklaces, how the children played in the river and how the men went out to hunt the great buffalo of the prairies.

The stars asked the moon for permission to go down to Earth and observe more calmly how that people who seemed so happy.

-Okay my daughters, I will let you go - said the moon - but you have to be careful, because if you get too close to Earth, and the sun catches you on the way, you will not be able to return to heaven anymore andwill disappear.

- Don't worry mother! We will just look from above and be back soon - all the stars were pronounced at once.

The five stars descended towardsindian green grasslands, and rested on the top of one of the tepees of the town.

Inside was an Indian boy whocould not fall asleep. Listening to the sounds of the night, he heard some murmurs and decided to leave the store to see what was happening; But the night was very dark, because the moon was in one of its waning, so, as he could not see well, when he left he tripped over one of the poles that held the tipi, with such bad luck that it was the same where the stars and one of the stars fell to Earth.

The star, at that very moment,became a girl and she began to cry because she could never return to heaven with her sisters the other stars.

- Why are you crying? - asked the curious boy.

- As soon as the rays of the sun appear I will disappear forever - the girl whimpered - but if my mother comes back the next night the moon willwill turn into a flower in some place.

- Do not worry, tomorrow I will hide you from the sun inside my tent.

He did so, and the poor star was able to see his sisters again high in the sky.

- And, now that I will become a flower, where will I live? - thought the girl. And, after pondering for a while, he decided that the best place to live was inmiddle of the lake, away from the grasslands where buffaloes couldn't step on it, and where men could see their reflection in the crystal clear waters every morning.

In this way, the little star took its roots in the center of the lake and became alovely white water lily, which the Indians decided to callWahbegwanee or White Flower.

Reading comprehension is one of the steps that children must take in their learning process. learn to read correctly. The understanding should not be only of the single words, but of the whole text.

For this reason, we leave you somequestions What can you do to the child to see if he has understood the story.

- Why did the stars want to descend to Earth?

- What if the sun came up?

- How did the star fall to the ground?

- Why did the Indian boy hide it?

- What did the star become?

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