How to treat painful periods with osteopathy

How to treat painful periods with osteopathy

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The pain of menstruation or dysmenorrhea, affects a large percentage of women and can be very disabling, even causing headaches, nausea and intestinal disorders.

But do we really know why menstruation hurts?

The causes can be very diverse, and in some cases they can be treated with osteopathy. We tell you what are the most common causes of menstrual pain and how to treat painful periods with osteopathy.

The first thing we should know is why does menstruation hurt?

There are several causes:

1. Structural:

- The contractures in muscles of the pelvis and lumbar area or stiffness of the pelvic floor will cause compensations in the genital system.

- The ass falls on the sacrum or coccyx transfer the tension of the blow to the uterus causing its spasm. They can also increase the stress on the dura (tissue that connects the sacrum with the skull) and affect endocrine secretions.

- The aftermath of scars, surgeries and infections can create adhesions in the uterus, bladder and intestine, preventing the correct movement of the organs, increasing their contraction and increasing pain.

- Circulatory problems such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids ..., they will increase congestion, being able to irritate neighboring nerves.

- Pelvic floor weakness it can produce a descent of the bladder, uterus or intestine, which compresses structures increasing pain.

- The constipation and irritable bowel syndrome will make it difficult for the intestine to move by increasing pressure and contraction in the area.

- Existence of pathologies such as endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome, or too much tissue to remove during menstruation.

2. Existence of low-grade inflammation:

This type of inflammation can be due to poor digestion, and increases pain and prevents a good resolution of the general inflammation of the body.

3. Hormonal:

Hormonal imbalance increases the presence of pro-inflammatory substances (prostaglandins), which cause more contraction in the uterus, and are responsible for nausea and headaches.

4. Lifestyle:

The sedentary life and poor diet greatly influence pain, as they increase the underlying inflammation, producing a favorable terrain for pain.

5. Emotional:

A high level of stress, important emotional circumstances such as open grief, excessive worries about being a mother or many other causes can also cause a greater propensity for period pain.

The worrying thing is that we tend to think that this pain is normal, and that the only treatment is contraceptives, but it is not. The osteopathy can help reduce discomfort and even to eliminate them.

For us osteopaths, pain indicates that there are some dysfunctions that should be treated, such as osteopathic lesions in the pelvis, skull, spine, uterus, bladder and intestine. That is why the osteopath can give you advice on exercises to do at home that will help you in the process such as some stretching or the famous hypopressive abs.

But besides treat painful periodsThis type of exercise will help you increase the tone of said muscles and the pelvic floor, and will greatly improve the congestion of the lumbar area.

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