Veremundo el trotamundos, children's poem about autonomy

Veremundo el trotamundos, children's poem about autonomy

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Many children are scared of exploring on their own. They are children more attached to their parents and with less 'adventurous spirit'. For all of them this beautiful poem is directed, which talks about a character, Veremundo, who was also scared to go outside.

'Veremundo trotamundos' helps us reflect with our children on the importance of being more autonomous and independent and the benefits and advantages of losing the fear of exploring on our own.

Veremundo in his chair

lying down passes the days,

but Simeon speaks to him

and it has changed his life:

«Get out of home Veremundo

you will discover wonders,

let the sun warm you

and color your cheeks »

Veremundo opens the door

and has poked his nose,

fresh air takes you

the scent of a jasmine.

Thanks Veremundo

to his friend Simeon,

than to go out into the world

gave it a push.

Veremundo has known

World's wonders,

and his friend now calls him

Veremundo the globetrotter.

Help your child understand what the poetry of Veremundo Trotamundo means. You can reflect with him on the poem with the help of these questions:

1. Where did Veremundo like to be before going on a trip?

2. Why do you think that Veremundo did not want to leave his house?

3. What happened when Veremundo finally decided to leave his house?

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