More exercise and less weight for children's backs

More exercise and less weight for children's backs

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There is nothing more uncomfortable and annoying than having back pain. Well, in Spain, almost half of the boys and 70 percent of the girls have already suffered from back pain at some point, and experts keep repeating over and over again that the main causes of this ailment in childhood are lack of physical exercise and the weight they carry in school bags.

Back pain can be caused by poor posture in the school chair, the dining room, at home, by improper support at the table or at the school desk, by the excessive weight of the books that children carry on the backpack, due to the lack of physical exercises that strengthen the back muscles, and also due to sedentary habits, due to a bump or fall, and even due to childhood obesity.

Dr. Kovacs insists that physical exercise is essential and that there should be no excuses for not doing it. He advises that the practice of physical activity be shared between parents and children because it is very beneficial for both.

On the other hand, Dr. Kovacs also urges the Ministry of Education to buy school furniture more adaptable to the different measures of minors. Girls, from 9 and 10 years old, begin to gain more height, while boys stay shorter, and some do not reach their feet to the ground.

As for the weight of the backpacks, according to the medical recommendation, it cannot exceed ten percent of the child's weight. In addition, children must carry them correctly, with the two risers hanging on their back, although it is advisable that backpacks have wheels. And when it comes to books, Dr. Kovacs proposes to publishers that they make quarterly editions of textbooks since this would reduce the weight of the backpack by two thirds and would not harm the back of the children.

More information on children's backs in the The back comic at school, edited by the Kovacs Foundation. It is aimed at minors between six and ten years old, so that they know how to prevent back pain while they are children, and prevent them from suffering it in a chronic form in adulthood.

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