Plasticine Magician King. Christmas children's craft

Plasticine Magician King. Christmas children's craft

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One of the best known Christmas traditions is that of the wise men, who came from the Far East to present their gifts to the Child Jesus. Therefore, if you are thinking of making a homemade Nativity Scene with your children, don't miss this tutorial to make a Plasticine Magician King.

In We give you a very complete step by step to make a nice Magician King. To make Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar you can use different colors for clothes, hair and beard, let your imagination fly and complete your Plasticine nativity scene!

  • Pink plasticine
  • Gray plasticine
  • Yellow plasticine
  • Red plasticine
  • White plasticine
  • Black plasticine

1. To make the body, use two plasticine balls, a larger gray or blue one for the body, and a smaller one for the head, which will be placed on top of the other.

2. For the cape, stretch out a circle of red clay. Wrap it around the body and fold the top, around the head, to make the neck of the cape.

3. To make the crown, use yellow plasticine. You can cut out a rectangle and on one of the longer sides make two triangle-shaped cuts to form the peaks of the crown.

4. For the details of the face: use two circles of white clay with two smaller balls of black clay in the center to make the eyes. For the mouth, join a strip of red plasticine. To decorate the suit put some blue plasticine buttons.

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