The Magi in the world

The Magi in the world

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Celebrations in GuiaInfantil


After a tiring night, surely what the Three Wise Men want is to go home and relax in front of the Christmas tree, having tea so that they do not get packed with all the cookies we have left them.

In Lithuania they have wanted to give a very original air to their parade of the Three Kings with some very special Three Wise Men, hopefully they do not give the children too much fear but rather cheer up the city before leaving to distribute gifts.

All over the world, children are looking forward to the arrival of Twelfth Night. The most special day of the year, in which your wishes come true thanks to the Magi, who will also visit these little pages in Germany.

For the Magi, accustomed to the Eastern climate, reaching the Northern countries is quite a feat. This is why these children pay homage to them with cute costumes while they paddle through the snow.

Children are the ones who enjoy Christmas the most, that is why they star in this beautiful procession in Munich (Germany) to celebrate Three Kings Day, dressed as the pages of their Majesties the Magi.

Hot or cold, the Three Wise Men reach all corners of the world. The children have not even noticed the cloudy weather in Milan with the joy of seeing their Majesties of the East pass through the city.

The Magi speak all languages, but luckily they don't have to worry when they visit Spain and Latin America. On their walk through Mexico the children have collected the letters from the children full of Christmas wishes.

The magic of the Magi allows them to go where no one else can. They leave their camels and exchange them for horses to reach Manila, the capital of the Philippines, where they have walked among the children.

We all know that the Magi come from the East, so their journey always passes near countries like Jordan, where they walked feeling at home on their camels.

The Magi are part of the Catholic tradition, that is why these children pay homage to Pope Benedict XJI in the Vatican as pages to their Majesties from the East.

To reach all corners of the planet, the Magi have many helpers to distribute the gifts, such as this group of pages from the city of Düsseldorf (Germany).

The Magi have also visited Spain. Surely in cities like Algeciras they have been able to enjoy a bit of heat and fun while throwing candy to the children during the parade.

The Kings have visited countries that are very far from the East, such as the Czech Republic. Through the beautiful cobbled streets, King Gaspar walks accompanied by a page who guides his camel while greeting the children.

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