Baby bath games

Baby bath games

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Suggestion of games with the baby during the bath


The bath foam can awaken new sensations in the baby and stimulate all his senses, both tactile, olfactory, visual ... Playing with the foam will bring fun and joyful experiences to the baby.

The baby will enjoy a lot with simple water movement games. By making him raise and lower his hands and splash or splash the water, it will have a very stimulating effect. The baby can splash the water with his hands or a toy.

It is a resource that both allows the baby to bathe in a safer and more relaxed way, as well as for the baby to play with the activities incorporated into the seat, with which they can enjoy and learn.

The duckling is a classic in the baby's bath. This rattle favors the tactile and auditory stimulation of the baby. The duckling can be pushed to the bottom of the bathtub so that the baby sees that the water pushes it to the surface, making it float. Care should be taken with the material of the toy as the baby will put it in the mouth.

It will be stimulating for the baby to play with letters and numbers with him, during the bath. Teach them the sound of each letter or number. There are some letters and numbers that can be glued to the bathroom tile.

It will be great fun for the baby to see you make bubbles with the soap, to play chase and pop them. Your little one will love trying to reach them. It will be a very curious experience for him.

There are games like this mill, which will arouse the baby's interest and curiosity. It will make you move during the bath and will keep you entertained with the movements that the water will make in your toy. This game is more aimed at babies who already have more developed motor skills.

They are made of plastic, are multicolored and offer a lot of curious activities for the baby. There are books that contain little mirrors, others that splash, make sounds. The books in the baby's bath are very stimulating.

A hairstyle session would not be bad at all to entertain the baby during the bath. With a little foam you can create original hairstyles on the little one's head. And then for him to see it in a mirror.

The baby will have a very fun and intriguing time with the games that make water jets. The toy is filled with water and when the little one squeezes it, he will see the water coming out in jets. From there, you will want to repeat it over and over again.

There is nothing more relaxing and stimulating for our baby than feeling the sensation of a massage in the water. With the hands of mom or dad, the little one will feel protected, safe and calm, and will be ready to sleep through the night.

As soon as the baby's first tooth appears, brushing can be started at bath time. A small amount of infant toothpaste is applied to a soft baby toothbrush and massaged onto their gums and teeth. It will be exhilarating for him.

If a shower is available, the baby will soon learn to handle it, to water his face, head and hair himself, as well as to test the water. It will bring you a lot of pleasure and fun. A stimulus to your touch and palate.

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