The couple's first problems after childbirth

The couple's first problems after childbirth

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After the birth of a baby, things change in the couple and it is inevitable, it is an important change in the couple that you have to know how to handle so that the love relationship between two people does not plummet.

It seems that when a child is born there is no money, there is no time and there is no sex, how can you get along well with a relationship in this way? It is possible, and it is a matter of two people that the flame of love does not go out.

If all the energy that is expended in feeling resentment for the partner you use to find solutions, there would never be relationship problems. It can be a complicated time because the first problems appear in the couple after childbirth, but what kind of problems are they? How can they be solved?

- Housework. Household chores accumulate and couple arguments accumulate. Before having the baby it is possible that everything was controlled but now things must be done quickly. You need coordination and good organization to avoid fights. Thinking about what the tasks are and what each has to do is a wise move.

- The fatigue. The few hours of sleep make the fatigue accumulate and the nerves jump at the first time. We are more sensitive and with less sense of humor. Try to be understanding with your partner. You may not feel like putting up with jokes when you just want to sleep.

The different parenting styles. It is necessary that both for things like sleeping, how to feed the baby or any other issue, the couple knows how to commit and communicate to be able to carry the same parenting line. If there are doubts or fights because of this, it is necessary to go to the pediatrician for advice on the most recommended methods (for example, co-sleeping, sleeping in the crib or in another room). It is also important that both parents inform each other to make decisions together so that they can talk about what is the best they can do.

Sexual desire plummets. This is common in women after childbirth and it usually takes at least six weeks for the body to recover and be ready for sex again. Hormonal changes can make a woman not feel like having sex for up to a year (it's nature's way of preventing a woman from getting pregnant too soon).

That both members of the couple understand this is essential so that later it is easier to deal with these problems, it has nothing to do with wanting more or loving the couple less ... it is nature that causes it. The important thing at this time is to focus on non-sexual romantic actions in order to continue fanning the flame of love. Having time as a couple is essential! Even if it's just a few minutes a day ...

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