The tricks to know the sex of the baby

The tricks to know the sex of the baby

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This wanting to know the sex of the baby when it is in the tummy has become quite a science of divination. We are able to predict whether our baby is a boy or a girl through observing the most unique things: the shape of the pregnant woman's belly, face and skin, food cravings, following rituals such as the chain or the needle to see if it draws a circle or a straight line, or if your previous child has a hair swirl on the side or in the center, etc.

Predicting the sex of the baby through these means has no basis, even so the possibility of being correct is quite high: 50 percent, so yes, sometimes, it is correct. But the thing is not the reliability of these methods or superstitions, but what we have fun doing our cabal in the most Sherlock Holmes style.

My sisters-in-law and I once had a hilarious talk on this topic. We all share our experiences and body sensations when we were pregnant with our sons or daughters. We almost exploded with laughter when I remembered that with my sons I was very fond of pickled gherkins and when I was waiting for my daughters, cockles. There are any parallels, right?

I remember once when a stranger, seeing that I was pregnant, approached me and said solemnly: "You are going to have a baby." My God, for a moment, he stunned me with that assurance he spoke with. When I asked him how he knew, he told me it was because of the sparkle in my eyes. I still remember with grace the good fortune of that woman, the fact that they guess your future can be captivating and even more so for a future mother.

I have collected in these lines some of the doubtfully reliable beliefs, rituals and traditions most used by future moms or those who watch it:

1. When the belly is round it is a boy, when it is peaked, a girl (for some it is just the opposite).

2. When you expect a boy you are prettier and when you expect a girl, you are uglier, especially your face and puffy lips (on the contrary, for others, you are more radiant when you are a girl).

3. If the mother's age is odd it will be a girl and if it is even, a boy

4. Someone you know places a spoon and a fork on your bed, you turn them around, the pregnant woman sits without looking, if she sits on the spoon she is a girl and if she sits on the fork she is a boy.

5. Lunar calendar or Chinese table: the top row is the mother's age at conceiving. And the left column is the month of conception. You just have to look at the result of the axis crossing.

These beliefs seem more like incredible things. I think that although entertaining, it is still naive or adventurous to trust this, if we really want to guess the sex of our baby before birth, we should rather trust the ultrasound scans carried out from the 4th or 5th month or genetic studies.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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