Tips to start decorating the baby's room

Tips to start decorating the baby's room

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One of the moments that makes us most excited is without a doubt that of starting to decorate our baby's room. The first thing to do to change or create a space for the baby to rest is to think about how you want the bedroom to be.

There are some basic and simple guidelines to keep in mind to start planning 'the perfect room'. We will see, step by step, how to start decorating the boy or girl's room.

1- Know the space: It is necessary to measure the surface of the room to be able to make a good distribution of the furniture. My advice is that you make a small plan of the room on paper using the grid as a scale reference. Draw all the elements (windows, door, radiator ...) and the furniture and play with the pieces as if it were a puzzle. Another trick is to plan on the floor with newspaper, tape or paper where each piece of furniture will go, so you get an idea of ​​what they will occupy.

2- Plan: you should ask yourself some important questions such as whether the furniture will be used by several children or only by the one that is on the way, if you already have pieces that are going to combine with some new ones, if you are looking for a specific style, if it is a temporary space you are going to move ...

Answering these simple questions will allow you to think long term. Think about the furniture you will need. There are pieces that are going to be essential such as the crib, the changing table and the closet. Other elements such as shelves or a good chair for nursing with a side table are advisable if you have enough space.

3- Find a starting point: surely you look for inspiration in images of rooms that are in the network and in magazines. The sources are so wide that you should focus on what you like and create an album that helps you to refine the possibilities.

It is very interesting to find a starting point, that is, a central element around which the rest of the elements revolve. For example, a fabric that you have fallen in love with, a special lamp, a piece of furniture that is essential for you,… Planning will revolve around that point and it will be easier.

4- Choose the color: each color conveys sensations that we are generally not aware of. You can decide between neutral, warm or cold colors but keep in mind that the baby needs a calm and cozy environment, so my advice is to use light and relaxing colors.

It is important to also assess other factors such as the amount of light in the room and its dimensions. For dim or small rooms we should choose light colors that provide light and a feeling of spaciousness.

Choose the fabrics and rugs you want to use first because it's easier to find the paint color to match later than the other way around. As finishes, for the walls you can choose between paint, wallpaper, wooden baseboards ...

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