I'm not crazy, or freak, or weird ... I'm an Asperger kid!

I'm not crazy, or freak, or weird ... I'm an Asperger kid!

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Federico García Villegas is an 8-year-old boy who, in just 6 minutes of video, has managed to reach almost 8 million people. His message is clear, direct and very easy to understand for children and adults.

This boy from Cali (Colombia) explains what it feels like to suffer from Asperger's Syndrome and also makes it very clear: "I'm not crazy, I'm not freaky, I'm not weird. "He's a an Asperger boy.

"The Asperger's is not a condition, it is part of me and it will continue to be my whole life ... I am not crazy, nor freak, nor weird, only my way of perceiving things is different and also that of processing the information. Therefore, I may seem different, but I am a child like any other, with dreams and illusions. I just want them to know me, understand me and help me fit into the community. "

This is just part of the speech of this Colombian child who has achieved what many associations fail to achieve, reaching thousands of people to make them understand how an Asperger child feels.

It all started when Andrea Villegas, the child's mother, decides to make a video in which her son explains in her own words all that she herself had been telling him since he was diagnosed.

His idea was to upload it to Facebook and YouTube so that his classmates could see it and thus understand their reactions or the way they behave. Another Chilean mother of three Asperger children saw the video and decided to share it on her social networks. That's where it started to go viral. In just one month, it has been shared almost 280,000 times and has almost 8 million views.

Federico couldn't explain it better in his video. Asperger children have much sharper senses than other children:

- Sense of hearing: a normal ear perceives many sounds but is able to discriminate them to hear what interests it or what it wants to pay attention to. However, an Asperger child is capable of listening at the same time and with an intensity 20 times greater than that of another child, the works in the street, the music on the radio, mother talking in the living room, the cicada in the flowerpot and the sister playing in the room.

- Sense of touch: We do not usually notice or perceive the clothes we wear, unless it is fair or itchy. However, an Asperger child's sense of touch is so developed that a simple T-shirt can be a really annoying garment.

- Eyesight: they perceive the images as in flash, many images come to them and it is difficult for them to look into the eyes of the interlocutor.

- Sense of taste: what is cold for a non-Asperger person is icy for them, and what is hot is boiling. The flavors are much more intense.

- Sense of smell: they very strongly perceive odors that either go unnoticed by others or are not annoying. A simple stew from the kitchen reaches them with such intensity from another room that they seem to be inside the pot.

All this sensory overload, makes them feel overloaded and react to normal things, whether in the mall or in a restaurant.

- Asperger children have a hard time understanding the emotions of others, they don't even understand their own very well.

- They like few things, but they fascinate them so much that they only talk about them. This being monothematic, tires and bores his companions who tend to avoid or laugh at them.

- They have difficulty maintaining attention.

- It is difficult for them to organize their thoughts to perform a certain action.

- They are disorganized and tend to lose things easily.

- They tend to rock or move systematically if they are distressed or afraid.

- They have one poor motor coordination, it is difficult for them to play sports.

- They have intellectual interests superior to children of their age. They are attracted to mathematics, scientific subjects or history, geography, maps, astronomy, airplanes or trains.

And, despite all these characteristics, there is one that prevails, especially in children. Federico tells us at the end of the video: "I love having friends, I'm happy ... I'm different, I'm like you!"

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