A very clever squirrel. Children's poem about cunning and effort

A very clever squirrel. Children's poem about cunning and effort

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When we think of stimulating children through reading, we always think of stories, but we must not forget poetry. Children's poems that tell stories can also help us to promote the pleasure of reading in our children.

This is the case of the poem A very smart squirrelIt is a story in verse that tells the story of a squirrel that managed to feast with tricks while, a less clever little mouse, did not succeed due to his lack of determination. Definitely, a children's poem that explains that with effort and cunning we can achieve great goals.

This poem tells how the effort and desire to achieve a goal are very important on a daily basis, it is what makes the difference between one and the other.

In an empty cage

there was some food,

some grains of rice,

and some small seeds.

A little rat,

I wanted to enter the cage

I was starving and staring

her mouth was watering.

Spun around,

in case I found an entrance,

He sniffed through the bars

but he couldn't do anything.

She stood there thoughtful

but even though he was smart,

she turned around angrily,

and he left suddenly.

After a while a great squirrel,

he also passed there,

and seeing the empty cage

He came over and looked around.

Seeing the food inside

direct went to the door,

and pushing with the nose,

it was immediately open.

Determined she went to eat,

and only the head entered,

how his body was big

decided to turn around.

Sticking his tail inside

as if a broom were,

swept grains and seeds,

until they get out.

When the little mouse came back,

seeing the squirrel there,

did not understand how big,

he was able to reach the feast.

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