Recipes for the New Year's Eve menu

Recipes for the New Year's Eve menu

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New Year's Eve dinner must be special. It's a time when family comes together to celebrate the end of the year. In many homes, meat is cooked. In others, fish.

We give you several options of recipes for the New Year's Eve menu, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. You will see how among all these recipes, you find the one you were looking for.

Tuna canapes, sautéed vegetables as a starter, first and second courses and of course, a special dessert. Here you have the selection that has made for you to enjoy an unforgettable New Year's Eve dinner. And happy New Year!

Tuna canapes. Simple canapes to make as an aperitif or for parties, with one ingredient in common: tuna. We have selected a series of recipes for you to learn how to make original tuna canapes for your parties.

Baked prawns. If you are tired of eating grilled or cooked prawns, our site brings you an alternative that will fit perfectly in your New Year's Eve menu: baked prawns.

Seafood soup. Seafood soup recipe for children. How to make a seafood soup for children's dinner. Easy recipes with fish and seafood for children. Easy seafood soup.

Bean and asparagus salad. Warm salads are a good option for halftime like this recipe for kids for bean and asparagus salad.

Celery salad for Christmas. To accompany the meat in the Christmas meal, our site brings you the recipe for celery and avocado salad, a traditional Chilean dish that is quite healthy for children.

Baked bream. Homemade recipe for baked sea bream with potatoes. Simple recipes for children. How to cook a sea bream in the oven easily and quickly step by step. Fish recipes for Christmas or family parties.

Sea bass in salt. Seabass, due to its low gauze content and its various nutrients, is an ideal fish for a good diet. Taste it with salt with a few drops of lemon. Baked sea bass recipe with salt and lemon. Salted fish recipe with lemon.

Lamb chops or ribs. Baked lamb chops. Recipes for children. Guiainfantil proposes you a healthy, simple and very easy recipe for lunch or dinner for children. With this classic oven-roasted lamb chops recipe, kids can eat with their bare hands and lick their fingers.

Stuffed capon. Free-range chicken or capon with a filling of chestnuts and apples, a juicy and original dish with which to surprise at Christmas dinner. Dare with this recipe !. Easy recipe of capon stuffed with chestnuts and apples for Christmas.

Recipes with turkey. Turkey is one of the star dishes at Christmas, it is very typical to serve it stuffed in the oven and with a side of vegetables. At GuiaInfantil we offer you different ways of cooking turkey for Christmas dinner for children.

Tree with grapes. Christmas tree with grapes for Christmas. Original fruit desserts for children. Christmas desserts step by step, make a Christmas tree with grapes and currants. Christmas recipes for cooking with children.

Christmas log. If you like the Christmas log, here you will find recipes to your liking. Of cream, with truffle, with nougat ... The Tronco de Navidad admits many variations. Find the recipe that you like the most and the one you make will surely be successful. We teach you how to prepare various recipes for that traditional Christmas dessert.

Pineapple stuffed with yogurt. Pineapple stuffed with fruit and yogurt for children's dessert. This pineapple stuffed with fruit is a very suitable option for every day of celebrations such as Christmas, New Year's dinner, and other occasions. Guiainfantil offers you the recipe step by step.

Red Velvet Christmas cake. Red velvet cake recipe for Christmas. How to make, step by step, an original red velvet cake with white fondant for Christmas. Christmas cake dessert with white chocolate.

Lemon ice cream. Lemon ice cream recipe. Lemon is a fruit widely used if we cook for children, for example to make a refreshing children's recipe for lemon ice cream. our site brings us a refreshing and delicious recipe: lemon ice cream, step by step.

New Years Eve punch. If you are looking for a warm drink to complete your Christmas menu, from our site we propose the punch, a Mexican recipe that parents and children will enjoy.

Christmas English pudding. Pudding or English pudding is a very typical cake that is eaten in England at Christmas. This Christmas Pudding resulted in a fruit cake with nuts, which is often served as a dessert at Christmas parties. We show you a family recipe for the perfect English pudding for Christmas.

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