Poinsettia. Origin of a Christmas tradition

Poinsettia. Origin of a Christmas tradition

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Sometimes curiosity can and we start to investigate those Christmas traditions that we make a habit and that we do not know very well where it comes from or why we follow them. And one of them is Poinsettia orPoinsettia

In many parts of the world, Christmas is filled with this red and green plant, as the quintessential Christmas colors. A plant that is not lacking in homes at this festive time and of which not everyone knows its origin. Do you want to know where the tradition of the Poinsettia comes from?

Like most traditions, the Poinsettia couldn't be without its own legend. The legend of the Easter Flower is located in Mexico and its protagonist is a very poor child who feels sad because he cannot contribute anything Christmas gift. When she starts to cry, her tears turn into the leaves of this precious plant that is a miracle and, at the same time, a gift.

But in addition to the legend, the tradition of the Easter Flower also has its historical reference and it is also related to Mexico, the place from which this plant, known from ancient times by indigenous peoples, was used in healing remedies and as an offering to the gods. It would take a while for it to become a symbol of Christmas.

In the 19th century, the doctor and botanist Joel Roberts Poinsett He came across this plant in Mexico and was fascinated by its vivid red and green colors, so he decided to plant a huge plantation on his return to the United States. This meant that the Poinsettia, since then also known as Poinsettia, became famous all over the world.

The fact that this Poinsettia is given as a gift in the run-up to Christmas to accompany us throughout the holidays is because Poinsett was dedicated to give this plant away to all your friends. Today it has already become a fundamental part of Christmas decoration and in the United States even National Ponsettia Day is celebrated, which is December 12 and the anniversary of the death of the doctor who made him famous.

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