10 recipes of Christmas logs for children

10 recipes of Christmas logs for children

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Christmas recipes for kids

Different forms of filling and presentation for the Christmas logs. Homemade Christmas desserts


There are many recipes to follow to make a Christmas log, that is, many and varied types of fillings, but this time has prepared the step by step of the Swiss Roll, a Christmas log filled with jam and pieces of Apple.

It is sure to be very successful with the children and the whole family.

If you have the Thermomix it won't take long to make this juicy Christmas log chocolate and cream, so you can enjoy more time with the family and spend less time in the kitchen.

In we give you this quick and easy recipe.

The Christmas log is the quintessential dessert of the Christmas holidays. It is the most traditional sweet on Christmas Eve. On that occasion, we propose to make a Christmas log with basic white dough, filled with red fruits and covered with white chocolate.

An idea that will leave everyone, friends and family, surprised. A very light and soft log to sweeten family Christmas parties.

This original Christmas log is filled with chestnut cream.

An original proposal to put on the table this Christmas. Sure with him you surprise your family very pleasantly.

Christmas logs have the advantage of being able to fill with everything that comes to mind. In this case this precious Christmas trunk is cream and nougat filling, and has a chocolate coating.

Without a doubt, one of the most Christmas trunks of all.

One of the kings of Christmas desserts is the Christmas Log. It can be done in many different ways. Here you have a very original one.

The filling consists of cream and peach jam, although if you prefer, you can substitute the jam for peach in syrup.

One of the sweetest Christmas logs of all. This we have done toffee filling mixed with chocolate, with chocolate coating For those with a sweet tooth! has prepared a simple recipe and very much to the taste of children.

In this case, the originality of this Christmas log is not in the filling, which is made of milk chocolate, but in the sponge cake that is made with carrot and filled with chocolate.

This is one of the most original Christmas logs we have found!

This Christmas log is a simple dessert perfect for these dates. This is filled with cream and covered in chocolate, but the best thing is, are the Christmas decorations that we have put on it, because it doesn't lack a Christmas detail?

If we add to the Christmas trunk strawberries, we will have a delicious Christmas dessert much healthier, by incorporating some vitamins thanks to the fruit.

Without straying too far from the traditional recipe, we will add a few strawberries and we will opt for a really delicious dessert. You want to try?


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