Teach your children the dangers of hiding to avoid situations like this

Teach your children the dangers of hiding to avoid situations like this

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Hide and seek is one of the children's favorite games of all time. It's a game that provokes laughter and tension in equal measure. Some always hide in the same place, others cannot stand laughing and are detected in less than 10 seconds, and beware, there are those who find such unlikely places to hide that it takes 3 hours and a group of firefighters to get them out.

This is the case of a 9-year-old boy who was locked in a safe while playing hide and seek at his grandfather's house in Lichterfelde, Berlin. And it is that, although it seems an innocent and fun game, we are not aware of the dangers of hiding.

The boy, whose name has not transcended, played with his friends at his grandfather's house and when he saw that huge safe he thought it would be the best hiding place of all time, the one where his friends could never find him. And that is precisely what almost happened. The boy closed the door from the inside and there began this odyssey that has gone around the world.

His friends couldn't find him until they heard knocks coming from the safe. They tried to open it but were unsuccessful. They called Grandpa so he could enter the 6-digit code and they couldn't find him, so they finally turned to the fire department. For 3 endless hours they tried to open the safe testing combinations of numbers while passing oxygen into the box through a small gap. Finally, when they were about to break the box, they found the code and rescued the boy.

Have you been wanting to play hide and seek again?

Playing hide and seek is fun, it is tempting and it provokes a mixture of fear, laughter, tension and suspense. We have all played hide and seek but, let's face it, perhaps remembering a dangerous situation related to the game.

I used to hide myself in a wooden loft that was in a closet at my grandparents' house. Miraculously nothing happened, but the most normal thing is that my weight would have collapsed and I would have ended up in the emergency room. And it is that life is full of those moments in which the difference between what could have happened and what happened is a matter of the luck of the moment.

In short, playing hide and seek is fun but also dangerous, why ?:

- Children are not aware of the risks involved in hiding in certain places since, like this Berlin child, they could be trapped inside their hiding place in a place with a lack of oxygen.

- They could also be get stuck no possibility of moving.

- Those who are younger may not understand the game well and try hiding in everyday situations causing parental distress because they can't find him.

- In some schools there have been complaints from parents because their children suffered abuse during the game. Some children have reported cases of touching and even assaults.

- The game teaches them that hiding and hiding is fun and they can apply this theory in other situations where it is not correct.

- If they play in the street, they can lose track of their parents and get lost.

That is why, playing hide-and-seek can continue to be a fun game that also stimulates skills and abilities in children, but always with the supervision of an adult and warning them that places can be dangerous and they should avoid when they play.

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