Three donkeys go to Bethlehem. Children's poem about the Magi

Three donkeys go to Bethlehem. Children's poem about the Magi

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East christmas poem for kids It is different, and that is, it tries to put a fun point to the trip that the three Magi made from the East to bring gifts to the Child Jesus. And it is that, in this poem, the Three Wise Men escaped the camels.

Don't stop reading this Christmas nursery rhyme with your children. It is a very funny poem for children that they can even learn and recite at Christmas Eve dinner in front of the rest of the family.

They come riding a donkey

the three wise men of the East,

the camels have lost

in a small incident.

Gaspar's camel

escaped without warning,

then that of King Melchior

behind that of Baltasar.

The gifts they brought

they fell into the sand,

and they could find them

because there was a full moon.

And they loaded on three donkeys

several shiny sacks,

with the gold, frankincense and myrrh

and they left for the East.

Soon to Bethlehem

the three arrived tired,

and they found the camels

sitting next to the child God.

Do you think your children have understood this poem about the Magi? Test them with these reading comprehension questions for kids, a great way to encourage children's reading and understanding of what they read.

- What are the Three Kings called?

- What did they lose along the way?

- In which animals did they have to make the trip?

- What happened to the camels in the end?

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