Electric toothbrush for children, yes or no?

Electric toothbrush for children, yes or no?

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Brushing children's teeth is sometimes a Constant struggle between parents and children, and I not only mean that they brush every day, but also that they are there long enough and on top of it they do it well.

Therefore, a solution It is very common for parents to buy an electric toothbrush for their children in order to get them to improve their brushing. But is this the best option? Will our son really become a toothbrushing expert by magic?

Well unfortunately not.

So he electric toothbrush for children, yes or no?

Let's start at the beginning: which is better the manual toothbrush or the electric toothbrush?

Do you know that the electric toothbrush was created to facilitate brushing for patients with limited motor skills? But years later, studies began talking about the advantage of this type of brushes compared to manuals.

It has been shown that with proper technique and duration, the manual toothbrush can be very effective; however, in those who present difficulty maintaining proper hygiene dental electric toothbrush improves this situation as long as the instructions for use are strictly followed. In the specific case of children, it is not that your child does not cope with a manual brush, it is that he is at a stage in which he is developing his motor skills, therefore, it is essential to teach and motivate him how to brush.

As I have mentioned before, the movement capacity and the size of the hand of a 14-year-old child are not the same as a 5-year-old. Children first begin to walk and then to run, first they begin to write in pencil and then go to the pen, as the same happens with the electric toothbrush. So, age is one of the factors to determine that change.

A good trick is to compare the size of an electric toothbrush with the manual toothbrush corresponding to your child's age and in most cases, the size of the electric toothbrush is larger and heavier. On the other hand, manual toothbrushes are sized according to the child's age, being this one lighter and more manageable for him.

The brushing quality It is also a fundamental factor, since bad brushing often occurs because the manual brush that is used is not adequate, or the child brushes only at a very early age and without supervision, or that the technique that is carried out to eliminate the dirt is not correct. Therefore, before considering buying an electric toothbrush, consult a specialist because pediatric dentists We have a fundamental role, and it is to introduce and guide parents and children in this complex world of tooth brushing.

The advice I give is always the same, the best brush is the one with which the child and their parents feel more comfortable and remove dirt better.

- Make sure the brush is rechargeable, not battery-powered. There are several brushes designed for children (Violetta, Lightning McQueen) in disposable batteries. The difference between one and the other is that the electric toothbrush always works at the same speed, on the other hand, the battery-operated brush at the moment the battery runs out, its rotation decreases.

- Make it an electric toothbrush rotation-oscillation and with timer, which indicates the time you should be brushing your teeth, 2 minutes. And of course, that the child is clear that because the brush moves, he does not have to spend less time brushing his teeth.

In conclusion, the main thing is not the object, but the child's learning towards the brushing technique correct. We must get rid of the idea of ​​buying an electric toothbrush because the child does not know how to brush with the manual toothbrush, since for our child to acquire a habit and achieve good dental hygiene it is essential to teach and motivate them. Our mission as pediatric dentists is to create and establish dental hygiene instructions based on the child's age and abilities, with which we advise on the most appropriate type of toothbrush and toothpaste, we show the child how to hold the brush, and how they should move it; that is, accompanying families to achieve adequate dental hygiene.

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