Postpartum depression affects dads too

Postpartum depression affects dads too

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Something as common as meeting a new child who has come into the world can be a trance for some parents. Still with a hangover from Father's Day, this weekend I was surprised by the testimony of a mutual friend, who was encouraged to tell the closest ones how he overcame his postpartum depression.

Until recently, we talked about postpartum depression associated with women as a phenomenon produced by the hormonal ups and downs that the mother suffers after giving birth. But, there is increasing evidence that men also go through a period of depression after childbirth.

The baby can be a complete stranger to his father, especially when the expectations for them are different. When the father expects to feel a lot of love and joy and, in the middle of a colic crisis, he feels overwhelmed by the attention he demands and ends up thinking who has sent me to get involved in this adventure, he may find himself in front of a Postpartum depression.

The risk is greater if the relationship with the mother of your children is not at its best and it is difficult for you to cope with the stresses of a couple in crisis in the middle of raising a newborn or you feel displaced because you see that your wife's attentions are directed towards the baby and there is no time for him.

Recent studies suggest that approximately 10 percent of new parents experience Postpartum depression and silence is not the best solution.

For them, who have been brought up as the stronger sex, it is not okay to express emotions. However, "one day I couldn't take it anymore and I started crying," he said. It was then that she realized the trance her partner was going through and when he admitted that she couldn't help him because she was having a worse time than him.

Realize that he was depressed it helped him, not only to him, but to her also because she began to see that his attitude was not tyrannical, although it was not what she had imagined either. Hitting rock bottom is sometimes the best solution to realizing that you have to do something to change.

For postpartum depression there are also therapeutic options and both the father and the mother should receive specialized care. Some studies have shown that babies of depressed parents they are 12 percent more likely to develop behavior problems resulting from inattention. My friends, on the other hand, did not go to therapy, they devoted themselves fully to the baby. The more time they spent with him, perhaps because the touch makes affection as the saying goes, the better he felt about all of him.

To fill feelings its emptiness Based on the tenderness that her baby radiated, she was the key to the birth of the father who lived within her. Author: Marisol Nuevo.

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