The best positions in the bed of babies

The best positions in the bed of babies

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I just received a very sweet email. An email to eat it whole! In the matter they put 'The best positions in bed'. The content of the email has nothing to do with what you and I have imagined.

As I dragged the mouse, I realized that my imagination had gone completely wrong. The email brings nothing more and nothing less than some photos of babies, in different positions, that made me sigh and literally remain speechless.

I have no choice but to share them with you because they have moved me and surely you too. In these sleeping angels there is room for all the tenderness you can imagine. They are sure to sweeten your day. Here are some. Then you tell me which one is your favorite, although I have already warned you that it is difficult to decide. I think my co-workers and I, we keep all ...

Sorry I can't mention the authorship of the photos. It was not in the email.

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