The best recipes with cod

The best recipes with cod

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Cod is one of the most appreciated fish, and it is usually present at family meals and dinners or at parties such as Christmas or Holy Week. Its consumption is beneficial for anyone, and more so for children, because it has numerous beneficial properties for health.

It is a white fish with a very low fat content, so it is highly recommended when controlling cholesterol orchildhood obesity. It has a high level of protein andvitamins of group B, mainly B1, B2, B6 and B9. It also contains minerals such as potassium and phosphorus, which promote the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular system, keys for the proper growth of children.

Part of its popularity comes from the ease of preservation with which this fish could be consumed when techniques such as freezing were unknown. The salting of the cod is still very common in the sale of this fish, but we must not forget to desalt it before starting the recipe, to avoid the bad taste and excess sodium.

This fish can be prepared in many different ways, since its flavor favors that it can be accompanied by many sauces with an intense or softer flavor, with vegetables ... We offer you a selection of the most traditional recipes with cod.

Cod al pil pil. Bacalao al pil pil recipe. our site offers us the step by step of a very traditional and exquisite Basque recipe. Cod in pil pil sauce. Find out why it's called that and how we can make it.

Grilled cod or golden cod. Bacalao al bras, dorado or cod al douro recipe. our site teaches us how to prepare a typical Portuguese dish, very simple to prepare and very tasty to taste. The Portuguese prepare cod with straw-cut potatoes, onion and eggs.

Cod croquettes. Cod croquettes are a classic in Portuguese cuisine. Also, it is a good way to serve fish to children. our site offers you a very traditional, fast and very simple recipe for how to prepare delicious fish croquettes for children.

Cod and chickpea stew. How to make the recipe for cod with chickpeas for Easter. A traditional recipe for Good Friday, this chickpea and cod stew that complies with the tradition of not eating meat. our site invites us to prepare a gastronomic luxury. Spoon food for children and the whole family.

Aragonese cod. Aragonese cod, a dish that combines fish with healthy vegetables such as tomato and potato. We teach you how to make this delicious dish, step by step.

Cod Portuguese. Cod recipe Portuguese style. A typical Portuguese dish, very simple to prepare and very tasty to taste. Cod is a white fish, therefore it is low in fat. It is an ideal dish for children and also very traditional at Easter

Gluten-free cod fritters. Gluten-free cod fritters recipe for dinner for celiac children. our site offers us a good alternative for children to taste fish, in a rich and exquisite way.

Cod cannelloni. our site offers you a recipe for cod cannelloni. A light, healthy and quick recipe to make. Cannelloni are one of the favorite dishes of children.

Cod recipe with olives. Traditional Portuguese recipe that combines cod with potatoes, black olives and peppers. A recipe that will also be very useful for parties like Easter, Christmas, etc.

Esgarraet recipe. Warm salad of peppers and cod. Valencian recipe called Esgarraet. our site brings us the step by step of how to make this recipe. Ideal for an aperitif or to eat with toast.

Cod in Biscay. Cod, tomato and bell peppers are the main ingredients of this typical dish from the Spanish region of the Basque Country, and one of the favorites at parties.

Spanish cod. How to make Spanish Cod. Tasty and with beneficial properties for health, if you prepare this Spanish-style cod there will be no one who can resist trying it.

Sevillian cod. An original fish recipe, with melted cheese and crispy batter, you will not be able to resist this Sevillian cod, a dish that is also often made a lot at special festivals, such as Christmas.

Atascaburras. We offer you the recipe for atascaburras, a very typical dish from Albacete, in Castilla la Mancha (Spain). It is a dish that is eaten in winter due to its high caloric intake.

Ajoarriero cod. Bacalao al ajoarriero with potatoes is a typical recipe of Basque gastronomy, it incorporates the flavor of garlic with vegetables such as tomato and pepper to create a delicious dish. our site offers us the recipe, step by step.

Cod slices. Learn to make some slices of cod with that recipe that our site offers us. An easy, healthy and very simple recipe to make. Ideal for dinner or an aperitif.

Cod risotto. Rice recipe with cod, leeks and spinach. our site offers us the recipe for a creative, juicy and exquisite risotto. A very easy and quick recipe to make at home.

Possusalda or soup with cod. Porrusalda or purrusalda with cod recipe for children. our site offers us the step by step of a light and very refreshing recipe. In addition, very easy and fast to prepare.

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