The fly and the spider. Poem about empathy for children

The fly and the spider. Poem about empathy for children

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The spider and the fly is a short children's poem about empathy for children. It tells the story of a fly that laughs at a small spider that gets tangled in its web. The spider gets angry at the fly's reaction, but it makes him see that she too would have laughed instead.

And is that, Putting yourself in the place of others is one of the lessons that we have to transmit to childrenIt is about making them understand that they have to value the feelings of others. Empathy is one of the most important values ​​that we can teach children to become better people and learn to be tolerant and respectful of others.

A very clumsy spider

got tangled in its web,

and a fly that saw her

began to laugh heartily,

Very angry the spider

humiliated she felt,

but the fly approached

to ask for forgiveness:

«Spider, it's not so bad,

you too would have laughed

yes flying from the sky

I would have fallen to the ground ».

The spider looked at the fly

and the disgust is over,

thinking about what happened

they both laughed at ease.

We suggest that when you read this poem about empathy with your children you ask them these questions after reading:

- Who are the protagonists of this story?

- Why was the spider angry?

- What happened at the end of the poem?

It is a great way to stimulate children's reading comprehension and teach them to read always understanding the meaning of the text.

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