Baby Signing. Benefits of Sign Language for Babies

Baby Signing. Benefits of Sign Language for Babies

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In my work as a speech therapist in a Special Education center, I meet children with significant language disorders, and one of the most effective ways to get them to understand and communicate in a functional way is the use of gestures that accompany their language and ours. I will discuss the use of gestures in people with language disorders in another article so as not to extend too long.

This system known as Baby SigningIt is not only used with babies with language problems, but it is beneficial for all types of babies.

I'll tell you what the benefits of sign language for babies.

In recent years, what is commonly called baby signing has become fashionable. It consists of the use of simple and easy gestures learning, between hearing parents and babies, with the aim of stimulating and clarifying early communication between them before the development of the verbal language. This trend emerged in the United States with the psychologists Susan Goodwyn and Linda Acredolo in the 90s with their program Baby signs.

There is another proposal in the same years from an educator, Joseph García, who raises the idea of ​​using gestures to stimulate the baby's communication and as a means of access to a second language. For this he developed a program called Sign with your Baby which is widely distributed in the United States, England, Canada and Spain.

These authors defend the idea that facilitating baby communication through gestures brings four benefits to the child.

Benefits of speaking to the child with sign language

1- Reduce tantrums and frustration at times when they cannot communicate what they want or what they feel before they can speak.

2- It is a way of fostering the bond with the child, an affective connection is established between the baby and his parents through communication.

3- Accelerates the development of verbal language.

4- Increase the Intelligence quotient.

Baby signing is based on the idea that babies, before they start talking, have motor skills, imitation and understanding of your environment that can allow them to communicate through gestures.

There is evidence that gestures stimulate and they do not hinder language development.

The execution of the first gestures of a child depends on several factors such as the development of memory, attention and imitation, the frequency with which the parents model the gestures or simply on the child's interest in communicating. There are studies that reveal that the use of gestures in the first two years of life facilitates, precedes and complements development of the later milestones of the language.

These data open a very important way of language stimulation through gestures in young children especially when verbal language is not developed.

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