Christmas sweets for children. Christmas dessert recipes

Christmas sweets for children. Christmas dessert recipes

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Christmas is the ideal time to enjoy some delicious Christmas sweets with the family and children. And is that family gatherings, after-dinner talks, games with children, carols songs ... they would not be the same without tasting the typical Christmas sweets.

Some of these Christmas sweets for children have a centuries-old tradition such as roscón de reyes, nougat, marzipan or polvorones.

On our site we have selected a series of recipes for traditional Christmas sweets so that you can make them at home easily and simply.

Christmas cookies. Ideas to prepare cookies for Christmas. When the Christmas dates arrive, Christmas pastas, nougat and cookies are a food that can never be missing in our homes. Rich in vitamin B1, they help improve the physical, mental and emotional abilities of children.

Christmas logs. If you like the Christmas log, here you will find recipes to your liking. Of cream, with truffle, with nougat ... The Tronco de Navidad admits many variations. Find the recipe that you like the most and the one you make will surely be successful. We teach you how to prepare various recipes for that traditional Christmas dessert.

Roscón de Reyes. The richest recipes of homemade Roscón de Reyes for children. On January 6, the Three Kings Day is celebrated, a beautiful Christmas party in which children enjoy the gifts of the Three Kings. To make it even more special, prepare a homemade Roscón de Reyes.

Roscón torrijas with cream. If you like the classic roscón de reyes, you will love this recipe that we have prepared: torrijas de roscón con nata. A delicious Christmas recipe for children and adults. Christmas sweets for Christmas Eve dinner.

Marzipan. Marzipan is one of the children's favorite sweets at Christmas, in addition to the nougat and the Christmas log. our site offers you a very easy and comfortable recipe to prepare with children.

Nougat recipes. Nougat is one of the best known and popular Christmas sweets among children. Homemade nougat recipes to make with children at Christmas. Easy Christmas nougat recipes. We teach you step by step how to make almond, chocolate, marzipan nougat, and many others.

Almond Shortbread. Polvorones are one of the most typical Christmas desserts. There are many types of polvorón, but perhaps the most successful is the almond polvorón. We offer you a recipe so you can make them step by step.

Coconut and chocolate pudding. Here is the recipe for chocolate and coconut pudding, a delicious dessert to which you will also not have to add sugar. It can be a great dessert at Christmas, but it can also be eaten at any time.

Catalan cream of the grandmother. The Catalan cream is the most typical dessert in Catalonia. Try this Catalan cream recipe that is passed down from generation to generation. Traditional recipe for Catalan cream. How to make Catalan cream step by step.

Chocolate nustard. Chocolate custard recipe. our site has prepared a quick and easy recipe to make chocolate custard for children. Of all the possible ways that chocolate can be included in a dessert, one of the simplest and most successful is chocolate custard, which is easy and quick for children to prepare. Recipe for children of chocolate custard.

Crepes with dulce de leche. A dessert only for those with a sweet tooth, these crepes with dulce de leche will become children's favorites, for dessert or for a snack. Argentine recipe for pancakes with dulce de leche. How to make crepes with dulce de leche.

White Chocolate Truffles. Truffles are a really fun dessert for kids, little bites that they love to enjoy anytime, like these Crunchy White Chocolate Truffles for Kids. Easy recipe for white chocolate truffles.

Chocolate mousse. Recipe for chocolate mousse, a classic dessert that, due to its creaminess, is one of children's favorites. Here is a very simple recipe to prepare as a family. Easy chocolate mousse recipe.

Polvorones for allergic children. Polvorones recipe for children with allergies. Polvorón without milk, without nuts and without eggs for children with allergies to milk protein or with allergies to nuts.

Ginger cookies. Homemade gingerbread cookie recipe for children. We teach you how to make, step by step, Christmas gingerbread cookies, to eat, decorate and give as gifts. Known for the Gingerbread man, these cookies are a classic and a tradition at Christmas parties with children.

Nuts Tart. The nut cake is a perfect sweet for any time of the year, but it is traditional to eat it both on Thanksgiving and Christmas. On our site we teach you how to make this sweet very simply, step by step.

Homemade polvorones. Recipe to make traditional homemade polvorones. Polvorón is one of the most typical Christmas sweets. We teach you how to make them easily with this recipe.

English Christmas cake. English pudding or pudding is a very typical cake that is eaten in England at Christmas. This Christmas Pudding resulted in a fruit cake with nuts, which is often served as a dessert at Christmas parties. We show you a family recipe for the perfect English pudding for Christmas.

Funny Christmas crepes. On our site we propose you to prepare original and fun recipes for Christmas crepes. Follow our step by step and create pancakes with curious Christmas shapes like a Christmas tree or Santa Claus. Easy and simple recipes to make even with children. Merry Christmas!

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