The true values ​​of Christmas for children

The true values ​​of Christmas for children

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Values ​​are the essence of education, transmitting to our children the importance of being tolerant, supportive, sincere, empathetic or kind is the basis that will help them grow and develop fully.

There are many values ​​and each parent faces the education of their children by focusing on those values ​​that they consider most important and indispensable. It is a task that we do throughout the year, but this becomes even more essential at Christmas.

And is that Christmas is a time when some values ​​take on special importance. These are the values ​​of Christmas for children.

- Generosity: Christmas is a time when we throw the house out the window, it seems that we have an obligation to do shopping and fill the house with gifts. However, we could change this lesson in consumerism that we transmit to children for a lesson in generosity. We can take the opportunity to gather all those toys that have been left in a corner and take them to schools or nurseries where other children can play with them. Even to associations that can deliver them to the most disadvantaged children.

- Solidarity: not all families are lucky enough to have a table full of food and many gifts. It is therefore important to remind our children that there are children who are less fortunate than them. We can take advantage to start a collaboration with a solidarity cause. Or even help that neighbor or that friend who is having a bad time.

- Share: it is a value closely related to generosity and solidarity. Many children do not like to share their things, they get angry when other children take their toys, and that is respectable. But why not teach them that if they have 4 toys they can leave 1? And, above all, teach them how good they will feel when they share with other children who have less things than they do.

- Gratitude: Being grateful is one of the true values ​​of Christmas for children. Children do not have the notion of the value of things and it is our parents who have to transmit to them the ability to be grateful for what they have or what others do for them.

- ForgiveLearning to forgive others is not easy, especially if something has hurt us. However, at Christmas, which is a time of renewal, we must try to make a clean slate. Learn to forgive others and ask for forgiveness when we make mistakes so that we can teach our children to do it too.

- Joy: it is essential to teach children that illusion and joy are not in material things, as much as we like them, joy is giving and receiving, it is making those around us happy or enjoying the little things in life. The happiness of material things is ephemeral but the joy of being with the family and having good health is more important than anything else.

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