The best baby names according to science

The best baby names according to science

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Neither José, nor María nor Paula ... The names that will give your child the best chance of success in the future have nothing to do with the parents' favorites. A study by Erflogswelle, an agency in charge of the study of names, proposes a list of the most fortunate or perhaps 'successful' names.

We offer you the list with the best baby names according to science. That is, those who have been more successful professionally or academically over the years.

It is one thing for a name to be loud, rhythmic, pleasant ... and another very different one that successfully accompanies the person it represents. And oddly enough, statistics can also confirm which names are the luckiest in the professional and academic field. What's more, numerous studies have confirmed that the name has a powerful influence on the destiny of a person.

Do you want to know which are the chosen ones, the best baby names according to science? Those luckiest names? The Swiss company Erflogswelle, specialized in finding names unique to the pupils of some Hollywood stars (on request of $ 32,000), it has prepared the list of the luckiest names. Here they go:

1. Jacqueline: The feminine form of 'Jaime', in Anglo-Saxon. The root of this name is Hebrew and its meaning, 'God will reward'. They say that it is typical of very impulsive women who are easily carried away by their emotions.

2. Steven: It is the English version of Esteban. They say that it gives the wearer a strong personality. It is typical of people who know what they want and how to get it. It is of Greek origin and means: 'crowned'.

3. Morgan: It is a girl's name of Welsh origin. Variant of Morgana, also used for children. It has Celtic origin and among children it means 'man of the sea'.

4. Ross: Irish name for boy. They say that typical of mysterious people and with a certain magnetism. Other sources claim that the origin of this name is Scottish Gaelic. It means 'strong as a bear'.

5. Elizabeth: This is the English version of Isabel. Its origin is Hebrew and the meaning: 'Helped by God'. He is closely linked to mysterious, emotional and perceptive women.

6. Christopher: A legend chose him as 'patron saint of travelers' (he was a giant who helped all people cross a river. '' His name means 'The one who carries Christ within'.

7. Katherine: Typical of very energetic women with a strong personality, Katherine is a name widely used in the Anglo-Saxon language. Its Spanish version is Catalina. Of Greek origin, it means pure, immaculate.

8. James: James (Jacobo or Jaime) is a name for a boy of Hebrew origin that means' God will reward). Very popular name among children.

9. Victory: Victory means 'Victor'. It is a name for girls that has been part of history on numerous occasions, as many queens carried it.

10. Robert: Robert or Roberto is a first name of German origin that means 'brilliant success' or 'one who shines through his fame'. Without a doubt, a declaration of intentions ...

11. Lauraine: Although it seems similar to Laura, it has nothing to do with this name. Lauraine means 'inhabitants of Lothar', and is used for both boys and girls. It is also known as Lorraine.

12. David: A very popular name among boys, David is a name of Hebrew origin and means 'Beloved, dear'. Self-confidence will not be lacking.

13. Susan: Susan, Susana, is an Egyptian name for a girl that means 'Lotus flower'. A meaning that refers to its beauty.

14. Kenneth: Of Gaelic origin, this name means 'well settled'. It is very popular in the English language and typical of frank men, noble and with very clear principles.

15. Parker: They say that it is typical of very dynamic and intelligent children. It is used as a first and last name in Anglo-Saxon areas.

Other names that the list collects as lucky are: Thomas, Madeleine and Madison.

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