ABN method for children to learn math

ABN method for children to learn math

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In general, it has always been said that learning math is boring for most children. This statement is supported by learning basic operations through the application of rules and traditional methodology.

Nowadays, the appreciation of the subject 'bone' that mathematics supposes is changing thanks to a new procedure called: Number Based Algorithm Method 'created by professor and philosopher Jaime Montero. Is he ABN method for children to learn math.

The ABN Method for learning mathematics arises by chance from the idea of ​​promoting mental calculation through everyday objects (buttons, toothpicks, clothespins, etc.) and where It is proposed that students learn at their own pace, in a natural way from close and manipulable situations.

With this method we want to answer a series of problems that arise from the traditional calculation method that children learn, such as:

- Lack of reasoning ability in problem solving.

- The deficient level of mental calculation of the general population.

- The negative attitude of children towards learning mathematics.

- The low results obtained by these in the subject.

This method began to be applied in the 2008-2009 academic year in two schools in Cadiz (Spain). The achievements and results that have been achieved with this method have caused them to spread rapidly throughout Spain and even in countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Chile or Argentina.

This method allows the child to understand what he is doing when solving operations or problems. In addition, it helps you to calculate mentally in a simple and natural way, this allows you to improve your problem solving skills. The ABN method has a series of characteristics that define it:

- It's an open system. There is no single way to do it, it can be solved by each child in a different way, depending on their abilities and development. In contrast to the traditional ones that do not allow the alteration of the established rule based on the application based on the non-sense memorization of a set of pre-established instructions.

- It is based on complete numbers. That is, in the traditional method we work with figures that are separated from the number we are dealing with. In the ABN method, the numbers are always combined in their entirety as they are.

It is a method that is increasingly being applied in school classrooms due to the benefits and strengths that this procedure brings.

- Improves calculation capacity which is based on mastery of numbering without the need for added tricks.

- It is a method that adapts to the student. There is not just one way to calculate so the child can choose which way to go when solving problems and calculations.

- Helps to develop self-confidence. This method helps to lose the fear of facing operations.

- Makes children more creative. The open nature of the method means that new operations can even be created to simplify the procedure.

- Provides quality to learning. Thanks to all the above, this method allows to raise the level and advance the natural learning of content in later stages.

- It contributes to the subject of mathematics a playful nature. It is a game where personal challenges are proposed that increase motivation towards new learning.

- Increase satisfaction from both teachers and parents.

This method can be applied in levels from 3 years in children.

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