The butterfly flew away. Short poem about heaven for children

The butterfly flew away. Short poem about heaven for children

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Children ask many questions about death and what happens after it. Nobody has the answers, although each one of you finds your own explanations according to your beliefs.

If what you think is that there is a better place or you want to explain to your son that when we die we go to heaven, we suggest you read this precious one with him short poem for children: The butterfly flew.

"Mom, when we die do we go to heaven?" It is a very typical question in children, no one has the answer but you can read this precious short poem about heaven for children and feed the illusion and hope in your children.

A beautiful butterfly

He flew so high he flew

went up, so high went up,

that the dreamed lived,

and before the gates of heaven

surprised she found herself.

Thought of knocking on the door

but immediately hesitated,

What if there was no one there?

he wondered fearfully,

What if what they told you

was it just a rumor?

What if the dream ends here

and your flight ended?

I would die of pain!

But on the other side an angel

his thought heard

and although he admired her beauty

and its precious color,

what he liked the most about her

it was her beautiful interior,

that's why he ajar the door

and the butterfly passed,

and spreading its wings wide

much higher flew.

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