Games for Christmas. Games for kids

Games for Christmas. Games for kids

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Many adult people they enjoy christmas and everything that surrounds the end of the year parties, but the truth is that it is the children who most wait for the moment when the whole family gathers to sing Christmas carols, set up the Christmas tree, the Nativity scene and, above all , play. At Christmas, the children are on vacation, they don't have school and they have more time to be home, watch movies, cook or play.

Christmas brings us many memories, longing for the illusions we had in our childhood. Christmas celebrations are magical for children, and for them to enjoy like never before, has prepared some suggestions of games for children at Christmas.

Many times, in the midst of so many parties, the real christmas meaning it gets parked in some corner and we forget to reflect on it and feel the real Christmas inside us. One way to celebrate Christmas is by dressing up. Gather the children, and even the adults, and form a Theater group to make a presentation on Christmas night.

Choose a role for each one, as well as their appropriate costume. Let the children make their own costumes out of sheets and used clothes. Prepare a scenario, bring the baby Jesus to life with a doll, use the stuffed animals to decorate, and prepare a simple script.

Christmas Eve will be unforgettable for everyone.

This game consists of the winner being the child who knows how to sing the most Christmas carols. The name of a well-known Christmas carol is written on each piece of card in the shape of a star. The papers are placed in a bag and the children are placed in a circle. A child is invited to draw a paper bag, without looking. The child will have to sing the Christmas carol that he has played. If he does not know, the child will pass the piece of paper around the circle until it falls into the hands of someone who knows how to sing it. The child who sings a Christmas carol will be awarded a point. In the end, the child with the most points wins. has prepared for its readers the KARAOKE OF CHRISTMAS FOR KIDS.

Prepare children, with tambourines and flutes, so they can go from house to house in the neighborhood singing Christmas carols at the door. Kids are sure to have fun and win candies, cookies, etc. Children can also bring a piggy bank for the neighbors to deposit in it a donation that the children themselves later give to a charity. It is a fun way to share a Christmas carol and convey a message of the need to help the less fortunate. Children can also bring a detail such as a candle, or a Christmas ornament, made or not by them, to give to the neighbor.

This game aims to find out who is the one who manages to wrap the gift the most times. The children are divided into groups. In front of each group, about 20 meters away, an empty box is placed (be it cookies, shoes, etc.), wrapped in Christmas paper, and next to it a roll of paper, tape and scissors suitable for children. When the signal is given, the first child in each row should run to the watering hole, cut the paper and tape and wrap the box. Then he goes back to his group, touches the hand of the next child and so on until all the children in the group have wrapped the box. The group that first achieves this objective wins.

First, take a Christmas ornament and wrap it like a gift. On top of this gift, another layer of wrapping paper is placed, tucking a chocolate bar between the layers. You can do as many layers as you want, without forgetting to put a caramel or a chocolate bar through the middle. With the children a circle is formed. Leave the gift with a child and put on some music. While the music is playing, the children should pass the gift from hand to hand, until the moment someone stops the music. At this time, the child who has the gift in his hand, must remove the first layer of the gift and eat the chocolate or candy. You must continue playing until the gifts are gone. This game is very similar to the musical chair.

It is very important to remember that these games are not only for children. Adults can also participate, so you can have a pleasant time with the family or friends and share experiences. The more people in the game, the better and more fun it will be!

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