Discover your child's personality according to his favorite color

Discover your child's personality according to his favorite color

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If your child is very young, it may not yet have been defined by a specific color, but the truth is that the colors that children choose are not random, but rather define part of their personality or their mood.

Whether it's the color of the clothes they like to wear, the game tile they always choose, or the color of their toothbrush, children tend to pick a favorite color, and although they may change it as they grow older, the favorite color of each moment of their life is showing us something about their behavior, personality or feelings.

Although it is not a science, the truth is that hundreds of studies Market and marketing have dedicated part of their investments to see what are the behavior patterns with respect to the colors of potential buyers.

The same goes for toys, toy companies use colors depending on the type of child they are targeting, their age, and even their gender.

It is undeniable that colors affect our mood, and that they are associated with it, hence such successful phrases as: "today I see everything black", or "life is pink."

The colors give off energySince they are wavelengths of light, and that energy also affects people, especially children who are more receptive to them.

Psychology has discovered common patterns of behavior in people's color preferences, so if your child likes a particular color, he may be very close to the type of color. personality that is associated with him.


Very few children choose it as their favorite color. It is the color of the innocence, of good and organized, independent and common sense children, perhaps that is why it does not become one of the favorites until they become adults.


Its a color contradictory, since on the one hand we find very optimistic children, but also jealous. They are very creative children, and imaginative, but rational and practical.

They are usually demanding with themselves and with others, and they have a lot of control over their emotions.


Very outgoing children, who claim to always be with their friends, but who always need the approval of others.

They are children who constantly seek the Balance, who like sports, movement and constantly challenge themselves.


They are passionate, intense, active and very optimistic children. They tend to move on impulse, and have no time for reflection. They tend to be self-confident, open-minded children, competitive and with the need to control everything around him.


Very associated with girls, this is the reason why many boys reject it. Reflects the unconditional love and the acceptance of those close.

They are very sensitive children who are greatly affected by the emotions around them. They love romanticism and are very loving with their parents.


The color of nature, of hope and of loyalty. They are children faithful to their friends, whom they consider especially important. They need to feel close to others and are very dependent on them.

They are positive and vital, but they are always aware of what others think of them.


The color most appreciated by children, as it is one of the ones with the most shades.

Children who have blue as a favorite color seek the tranquillity and the truth. They care about others, but are independent and firm in their opinions without outside influence.

They are children who do not change easily, since their beliefs are deeply rooted, and they are very balanced.


They are very sentimental and spiritual children, but they do not usually show their emotions in public and reflect before expressing themselves to others.

They are children perfectionists those who like to help others.


Very few children like the color brown. However, the children who choose it as a favorite are great friends, simple and natural children. They like comfort and feel safe surrounded by their own, who like stability and simplicity over luxury.


There are no gray children, but children who like this color are balanced, calm and conservative people.

A little distant in their emotions and too rational. They can be a bit passive and like to move between routines.


It is the color of elegance, power and denial. Children who seek this color are people who like control and power, but far from appearing distant, they are children who can have great artistic inclinations.

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