Why the color pink creates controversy among children

Why the color pink creates controversy among children

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When you ask a small child what is the favorite color, the chances are that they will not choose any one in particular and tell you that they like all of them, or maybe they choose the favorite color of mom or dad.

However, after a certain age all children tend to have preferences towards some colors.

The rose It is perhaps the most controversial color and the one that among boys and girls tends to create opposite positions; either of rejection or of predilection towards him. Why does the color pink create controversy among children?

Around the age of four the child begins to develop an awareness of the "I" as an individual that is separated from the rest of the people and that, therefore, has an identity, a way of being and thinking.

Identify or not with a color is equivalent to accepting as one's own the attributions that we think are associated with it. These attributions can change subtly depending on the experiences that the child has lived around color, but the culture in which we are immersed will influence the associations we make about it.

In our society the pink colour is strongly associated with femininity and girls in general. So when a child begins to develop his identity and realizes it, he is most likely to reject it.

The same happens when who denies the color pink is a girl if she does not identify with the meaning she understands that color is given. The rejection of pink in girls will probably appear later, as it will be when associated with him concepts more subtle and of which you do not want to be part.

All of this happens even after providing the child with toys of all kinds and working with the same values ​​in both genders because the messages we receive day by day from around us weigh more.

This prejudice about color - especially rejected color - is indicative of structural changes in the mind of the girl or boy, and we should not worry about it. The colors have roles and that is why this rejection can remain beyond childhood, especially if there is no direct work from home, school, institutions and companies or society in general.

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