The little camel. Christmas stories for children

The little camel. Christmas stories for children

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This is a beautiful Christmas story, which tells the visit of the Magi to the baby Jesus, with a very special camel. A beautiful story that talk about friendship of the baby Jesus and a camel that arrived in Bethlehem.

If you want to know the poem El camello cojito, by Gloria Fuertes, follow the story, as well as the beautiful video that the writer and storyteller has made Beatriz Montero, from the story.

The camel was pricked

With a thistle on the road

And the mechanic Melchor

He gave him wine.

Baltasar went to refuel

Beyond the fifth pine ...

And the great Melchior was uneasy

He consulted his "Longinos".

-We did not arrive,

we did not arrive

and the Holy Childbirth has come!

-it is three minutes past twelve

and three kings have been lost.

The limping camel

More half dead than alive

He fucks his plush

Among the trunks of olive trees.

Approaching Gaspar,

Melchior whispered in his ear:

-Good camel birria

that in the East they have sold you.

At the entrance to Bethlehem

The camel hiccupped.

Oh, what a great sadness

with his belfo and his hiccups!

The myrrh was falling

Along the path,

Balthazar carries the chests,

Melchior was pushing the bug.

And at dawn already

-the birds were already singing

the three kings stayed

gaping and undecided,

hearing talk like a man

to a newborn Child.

-I don't want gold or incense

nor those treasures so cold,

I love the camel, I love him.

I love him, the Child repeated.

The three kings return on foot

Head down and grieving.

While the camel lay

It tickles the Child.

The reading comprehension it is the ability to understand what is read, both in each word that the text makes, and in the total meaning.

To know if your child has understood the poem of The little camel I leave you some questions that you must answer.

- What did the camel hit on the road?

- What time was it when it was punctured?

- What fell off the camel?

- Who was pushing the camel?

- What did the baby Jesus want as a gift?

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