Tomte, the Christmas gnome. Child legend of Scandinavia

Tomte, the Christmas gnome. Child legend of Scandinavia

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In the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Finland and Norway, Santa Claus looks very different. He is not a big old man with a tremendous belly, but quite the opposite: he is small, very small and yes, very kind.

Pay attention to this precious legend: 'Tomte, the Christmas gnome'. You will meet the character who brings gifts to Scandinavian children. And you will discover a very different vision of the classic Santa Claus.

A very old legend tells that in the Scandinavian area (Sweden, Finland and Norway), Santa Claus decided to ask for help to distribute the gifts to the children to a very skilled gnome, small and bouncy, called Tomte. And this is his story:

Tomte lived quietly in his cold Scandinavian home, hidden in the middle of a lush forest. He was less than a meter tall and had a long white beard. He loved to go out from time to time at Christmas time, to contemplate the happiness of the families.

And he also liked to help others without being seen: he was in charge of returning the lost sheep to his farm, or with the help of his friends the fireflies lighting a clearing in the forest so that no villagers would get lost. Tomte loved to see the happy faces of all those he helped.

One freezing winter night, Tomte had gone out for a walk and suddenly saw a reindeer in distress. His leg had been caught between some branches. It seemed a very strange reindeer: His nose was red like a tomato! Tomte didn't think twice and came to his aid. And so it was that he suddenly came face to face with Santa Claus. He had just landed with his sleigh and his beloved reindeer Rudolph had accidentally stuck his leg between some branches. Tomte helped him free his paw and Santa Claus was thoughtful. He had been handing out presents all night and he was tired. The little gnome offered Santa a hot chocolate. He invited him to his humble abode and they spent a good time sharing anecdotes.

To Santa Claus it seemed that Tomte was the ideal person to help him, and he decided that that night he would accompany him to learn what his work was like. Tomte loved it. He enjoyed avoiding obstacles in the houses as he headed towards the Christmas tree, walking on tiptoe so as not to wake the children ... he liked it so much that he asked Santa to leave the last Christmas presents. Santa was fine with it. He was observing with discretion. And that's how he realized that Tomte was, indeed, the assistant he was looking for.

So that same night, and wasting no time, Santa helped Tomte to make a sleigh. Only, not having a reindeer like Rudolph, his sleigh couldn't fly.

Since then, Santa Claus delegates his work to Tomte every year, and this little gnome is in charge, thanks to his sleigh and the instructions that Santa Claus gave him in his day, to bring all the gifts to the Scandinavian children.

We seek to improve reading comprehension. Whenever you read a story to your child, Ask a few simple questions to see if he understood the story. We suggest you ask these questions:

- Where did Tomte live?

- How did Tomte meet Santa Claus?

- Why do you think Santa Claus chose Tomte as his helper on Christmas Day?

- Describe what Tomte was like

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