Playing is always a pleasure for children

Playing is always a pleasure for children

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Playing is undoubtedly one of the pleasures that most educate, teach, stimulate the imagination and enhance a child's experiences. Through the toys children develop their creativity, freedom, and your relationships with others.

The only thing is that for all this to be possible, you have to know how to choose the toy and learn to play with children. Find out why playing is always a pleasure for children.

'This I ask'A child points to a toy in a store window. Especially now, at Christmas, when the children write their letters to Santa Claus and / or the Three Wise Men, toys are the most demanded gift for them. The variety of toys on the market is incalculable, and some children don't even know what to ask for, while others want all or almost all of them. For this reason, many children end up asking just to ask, without a hint of illusion. And parents wonder where they have failed, what they can do to regain the child's passion for playing and enjoying a toy, how to regain their pleasure and ability to play, and what criteria they should have when choosing a toy. toy.

If you have these same doubts, I recommend that you read The pleasure of playing, a book aimed at parents of children between 0 and 14 years old of age, which not only guides how to teach our children to value their toys, but also shows the benefits of play in the child's motor, cognitive, social and emotional development. In addition, the book advises on how to make the most of toys, how to motivate children, how to play with them in their different stages of growth, and how, when and where to buy toys, and thus avoid irresponsible and unbridled consumption.

What a difficult task Santa Claus and the Magi have every year! However, if parents are clear about what type of toy is the best for their children, that will greatly facilitate their work, and everyone will feel satisfied. The pleasure of playing, learn and have fun playing with your children, has just been published and is authored by Imma Marin, Silvia Penón and Maite Martínez. Ed Ceac. A good gift for parents.

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