Cookie recipes for Christmas

Cookie recipes for Christmas

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The recipes of Christmas They include salty and sweet dishes, but it is the latter that children like the most. On these special dates, the best way to spend an afternoon with the family is go into the kitchen to prepare some of these typical sweets: nougat, Roscón de Reyes, marzipan ... or a beautiful Christmas log with chocolate.

But if there is something that children always enjoy, it is the cookies for christmas. Easy for them and for parents, we do not have to worry about them getting dirty as it is a dry dessert, being small they can take whatever they want and in a single batch you can make enough for one party. So do not hesitate to get down to work with the recipes that we offer below.

Cookies for Christmas have a lot of energy and are perfect for snacks and breakfasts, in addition to having vitamin B1, which helps improve their physical, mental and emotional abilities.

For theseholidays Christmas, on our site we propose different recipes for you to mold them with Christmas motifs and make them even more fun for children. Trees, stars, Santa Claus... symbols of these special dates for your children.

Christmas gingerbread cookies. Homemade gingerbread cookie recipe for children. We teach you how to make, step by step, Christmas gingerbread cookies, to eat, decorate and give as gifts. Known for the Gingerbread man, these cookies are a classic and a tradition at Christmas parties with children.

Heart cookies to decorate. Easy shortbread cookies to decorate the Christmas tree. How to make Christmas cookies with children. Christmas cookie recipe to decorate the tree with the children.

Christmas chocolate cakes. Christmas cookies with chocolate. How to make Christmas cookies with chocolate coating for children. Christmas cookies step by step for children. Chocolate cookie recipe for Christmas.

Christmas cookies with white chocolate. Today we put on the cooking hat because we are going to prepare delicious Christmas cookies with white chocolate with the children, a very simple recipe with which you will sweeten an unrepeatable moment of the day. We also tell you what other Christmas sweets the family can prepare.

Cookie and almond Christmas wreaths. Decorated Christmas cookies for children. Almond cookie Christmas wreaths. We teach you, step by step, how to make Christmas cookies in the shape of an advent wreath for children. Christmas cookie recipes for kids. Invite your children to make some original Christmas cookies.

Santa Claus glazed cookies. Recipe for cookies in the shape of Santa Claus. Homemade Santa Claus cookies for children. How to make homemade Santa Claus cookies for children. Step by step recipe for glazed Santa Claus cookies.

Orange and chocolate cookies. Easy recipe for orange cookies with chocolate chips. Orange and chocolate cookies to cook with children. Christmas recipe for orange and chocolate cookies. Christmas cookies for children.

Cookie fir. Original recipe from the fir tree for sugar cookies and white chocolate, ideal for Christmas. Step by step of the cookie fir recipe so you can do it without complications.

Christmas cane cookies. We suggest you cook with your children some delicious Christmas cane cookies, one of the most typical Christmas decorations. It is a very easy Christmas recipe for children to make and in which children can participate.

Gingerbread house. On our site, we propose a very nice activity to share with the children during the Christmas holidays: set up a house with gingerbread cookies. Learn and teach your children to build a sweet and rich house with gingerbread cookies for Christmas.

Christmas cookies with margarine. Homemade Christmas cookies for children. On our site we teach you, step by step, how to make delicious and light Christmas cookies for children. We also tell you how to decorate them so that they are more appealing to children and the whole family.

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