Why do boys get better grades when they are with girls in class

Why do boys get better grades when they are with girls in class

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Contrary to what has been thought for a long time, a study has revealed that boys who are surrounded by girls within classes they get much better grades than those who are only with other kids.

This curious experiment it has been carried out among 200,000 15-year-olds from 8,000 schools around the world.

We explain the possible reason why boys get better grades if they are with girls in class.

There is a fact that is really very worrying, and is that, in general, boys tend to have worse school results than girls. They have a greater school failure and tend to stop studying early to enter the professional world, many years before the girls.

What is surprising is that this disastrous phenomenon could have a lot to do with the way in which classes are distributed in schools.

In this study, conducted between fifteen-year-olds Out of 8000 schools in the world, it can be clearly seen how the children who were in classes in which 60% of the students were girls, performed better in the grades than their peers.

This is quite controversial, since it contravenes the supposed reasons that occur in non-mixed schools, in which boys study separately from girls, where it is said that boys are "less distracted if they do not have girls around them."

It is clear that the class structure it greatly influences the predisposition of each student and the inequalities in the school performance of each class, even above the influence of the family environment.

The supposed reason that specialists attribute to the result of the study, although it is not conclusive, is because girls tend to create a greater study environment in class, with more concentration and interest in subjects; therefore, a high rate of girls in class would change the group dynamics benefiting all the students in the class equally.

The more girls in class best result get the students in general.

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